There's a reason our partners come back to trustaff again and again!

trustaff is lucky to have clients and travelers as devoted to us as we are to them! Well respected in the industry by both travelers and facilities alike, trustaff was named to BluePipes list of the Top 11 Travel Nursing Companies with Positive Reputations on social media.

Below, discover what some of our current and past clients are saying about their experience, what it's like to take control of your staffing situation, and what it's like to work with trustaff.


"During the last two years, we have been supplementing our staff with travel nurses as we expand and grow our services. The additional help from travel nurses allows us to continue to offer the best care to our patients without overworking our regular team members.

We know as we look for travel nurses that trustaff will only send us the best nurses to work with us. Our Account Manager is always available and responds quickly to any request. I know that when she sends me a referral it will be someone who I can trust and will be a great addition to our staff.

We have valued our relationship with trustaff and welcome many more years of collaboration with this reliable company."
- Sandy

"I manage all of our agency accounts for our facility. We are currently working with 7 different agencies, but truly my favorite duo are from trustaff.

Our trustaff compliance contact always provides accurate information, she’s reliable and I don’t have to ask her 50 times for a document—I can trust that she has it under control.

Our account manager is another wonderful addition. I can hear her smile through the phone—she is everything you would want in an account manager."
- Sarah

"Working with trustaff is awesome because they are very friendly, efficient and candidates are well skilled. If there is an issue that has risen due to performance, it is taken seriously by the staff and dealt with."
- Diana

“Throughout my time working with trustaff I have found their team to be very courteous and timely in providing our facility with qualified nurses. Our account manager is always available and easy to reach—she’s truly a pleasure to work with. At the moment trustaff is providing upwards of 50% of our temporary staff, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”
- Julie

“As a vendor master service provider servicing the medical industry, we work with a lot of different clinical staffing companies from all different disciplines giving us a great perspective on the performance and quality of staffing companies in this vertical and there aren’t many companies out there like trustaff.

Time and time again they deliver the highest caliber candidates to our facilities across the country in a time frame that can be very hard to beat. They are incredibly responsive to our requests and always seem to deliver in the earliest timeframe possible. There is something about the culture at trustaff that encourages their staff to service their accounts at levels that others seek to emulate.

Our account manager has been our main point of contact at trustaff and she has always been timely and responsive to any of our job requests and/or inquiries. She is an absolute joy to work with on a daily basis and has been known to go above and beyond what is requested of her.

We look forward to continued business with trustaff and feel our working relationship can only continue to grow from this point forward.”

- Katrina

"trustaff is a reliable and trustworthy staffing company. Working with contract staff is deemed as risky in some venues, however, I have always found the nurses employed by trustaff to be some of the best. They have always worked very diligently to meet the needs of my units, even on a last minute notice.

I enjoy working directly with one account manager. She is professional, compassionate and determined to meet my facility needs no matter how much extra work and effort she may need to perform. I would and do recommend trustaff to those within my professional network."
- Mandy

This is just a small sampling of client experiences!

With over sixteen years in business, choosing to become a trustaff partner comes along with an entire team dedicated to ensuring your organization has exactly what you need to continue to succeed.

We're honored that so many of our current clients have been sent to us by friends or colleagues who've recommended trustaff as their travel nursing agency of choice.

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