Your guide to your first day on assignment

No matter how many assignments you’ve taken over the years, the first day of an assignment can still be nerve-wracking!

Every facility has a different process, procedures, equipment, and software. As a traveler, it’s your job to get to know it all, fast! So how can you set yourself up for success from day one?

  1. Take a dry run.Before your first shift, pick a day where you can wake up right around the time you’ll be going in to work on a typical day and drive over to the facility for a quick “dry run”. You’ll feel more at ease when you know where to go, where to park, and how traffic might be when you drive in on your first day.
  2. Get all your paperwork together. Just like any job, you’ll have to bring some paperwork with you on your first day. The day before you’re going to start, get all your documents together and double check that everything is filled out correctly and it’s signed where it needs to be signed. Set your keys right on top of the paperwork so you don’t forget it in the morning!
  3. Come rested and ready to go.A full night’s sleep and a good breakfast can make all the difference when you’re taking on a brand new challenge. Try to squeeze in at least 8 hours of sleep the night before your first day and make yourself something delicious in the morning to fuel your brain.
  4. Arrive early.Arriving a bit early is impressive on your first day – but being late is not! The dry run you did will definitely help you time your commute, but make sure you wake up with plenty of time to do everything you need to do before you get to the facility. When you start your assignment by making a great first impression, it carries forward throughout the rest of your time at that facility. Just by being prepared and on-time, you can really build your resume and can count on your supervisors for great recommendations for the future.
  5. Come with the right questions.Every facility is different and no orientation will be the same. You may have asked some questions during the interview that helped you get to know the facility, but what other questions would help you be successful during your assignment? Ask them to show you where the supply closets, bathrooms, and even break rooms are. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you’re lost or confused about something.
  6. Put on your game face and team attitude.Wear a smile and be willing to help where needed on day one (and every day on assignment). When you spend such a short time with a facility, every impression you give counts. Before your first day, get yourself set in the mindset that you’re there to help, no matter what is asked of you. Being a team player is a huge part of being a successful traveler!

These simple tips can help alleviate some of the first-day jitters and set you up to have a great first day.

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