45 travel nursing Facebook groups you should join

When you’re traveling all over the country, it can be incredibly helpful to have a group of like-minded people on your side when you need support. While your recruiter and trustaff support team are always there for you, it can mean a lot to have the support of your peers.

There are a number of large Facebook groups packed full of fellow traveling nurses. These can be an invaluable resource when you have questions, want to make some friends, or just want to join in a conversation about your job. Below is a (long) list of groups you may want to consider joining!

When you want to have a conversation with fellow travelers, here are your go-to groups:

  1. Travel Nurse Network – The Gypsy Nurse: With over 24,145 members, The Gypsy Nurse group is one of the largest available. It’s one of several groups in The Gypsy Nurse brand. They stand behind their mission, “We are guided by TGN’s “3Cs”: Camaraderie, Collaboration, & Community.”

    The Gypsy Nurse groups are a great place to ask questions about travel nursing. This group does not allow recruiting, so you are free to ask questions and interact without the risk of a million recruiters sending you private messages.

  2.  Travel Nursing & Travel Allied Health Community – Traveler Talk:  13,525 members participate in some invaluable conversations sparked by admin, Andrew Craig. “Traveler Talk is supportive and educational community primarily designed for travel nurses and traveling allied health.”

    Traveler Talk is a friendly group that allows collaboration between nurses and recruiters. They specialize in starting meaningful conversations that both nurses and recruiters can chime in on.

  3. Scrub Squad 1978: Scrub Squad is a newer group that’s garnered the interest of both travelers and recruiters nationwide. With 1,120 members, it’s also growing very quickly!

    As the description mentions, “Scrub Squad’s unique inclusion of ‘Places to Visit on assignment’ makes it a different kind of group. It is also different as it is the only group (to my knowledge) that looks to raise money solely for charity, the Organization of Autism Research.”

  4. Wanderlust Travelers: The Wanderlust Travelers group was started by a former traveler looking to provide travelers and recruiters with a safe place to have meaningful conversations, where respect is the number one rule. No job postings are allowed, so it’s another great place to ask questions and learn from the experience of other travelers.

Looking for a job? There are a TON of job groups out there, this is not even the full list! Here are just a few to help get you started:

There’s a job group for just about everyone, no matter what your specialty or what location you’re looking for. Joining these Facebook groups can help you find jobs, connect with travelers, and ask some of your pressing questions. It’s a great way to network with your fellow travelers from all over the country.

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