tru-Qs: What you need to know about your travel nurse assignment

Every Monday, we list five frequently asked questions that can help you decide if travel nursing is the right career for you. Take a look at this week’s FAQs!

Q1: What does it take to have a successful travel assignment?

A: To be a successful traveler, you need a bit of experience first. Most agencies require about 1-2 years of experience to get started. Facilities might require more experience depending on the unit where you’ll be working. Outside of experience, a great traveling nurse is a quick learner. They jump into different facilities and learn new systems, processes, and protocols. Travel nurses are expected to adapt quickly to their new environment and have excellent clinical skills.

Q2: What kinds of facilities could I be assigned to?

A: A wide range of healthcare facilities use travel nurses, like small community facilities, large teaching hospitals, outpatient clinics, home health organizations, and many more.

Q3: What type of orientation will I receive?

A: Every facility is different, but typically a 1-4 day orientation an average for an assignment. The expectation is that a travel nurse is experienced and ready to go, even with very little direction. If you have questions about a specific facility’s process before you get started, talk to your recruiter. They may have some background that will help or they will be able to point you in the direction of a nurse that has experience at the same facility.

Q4: How does licensing work for a traveling nurse?

A: Licensing can be a tedious topic and it varies from state to state. Your team will provide you with all the information you need in order to obtain a license before you start an assignment in a new state. Not licensed in a particular state that’s on your bucket list? We can help! We have a license reimbursement program that will pay back the cost of getting your license in a new state as long as you take an assignment there through trustaff.

Q5: Can I stay longer on assignment if I like it?

A: Of course! There is often the option to extend your assignment. Your recruiter will help you work through that process. There are even rewards if you decide to extend an assignment!

Travel nursing can be such a rewarding experience when you’re well prepared and informed. Keep an eye out for next week’s frequently asked questions!

Apply nowWhether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced traveler, trustaff’s team of career specialists are always at the ready to help you become the most successful traveling nurse you can become! Contact us at 877-880-0346 or apply online today.

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