Are compression socks good for nurses?

Compression socks have typically been used in post op recovery treatments and patients with circulatory issues. In recent years, preventative and over-the-counter applications have ensued. From athletes to business professionals, compression socks are, at the core, used for the same reasons.

What do compression socks do?

Compression socks are designed to promote blood flow from the compressed area back to the heart efficiently. This results in reduced swelling and minimizes damage to lower extremities caused by consistent daily standing. The miraculous wonder of compression socks is their ability to treat varicose, or spider, veins.

Why use compression socks?

  • Have you or someone close to you to taken on the noble challenge of becoming a healthcare professional?
  • Have you ever felt like you needed a foot massage exactly 1 hour and 53 minutes into your shift?
  • Have your feet ever ached like there were little people inside them screaming in agony?
  • Have you ever just wanted a foot hug? Maybe you need a tight squeeze that encompasses the entirety of your sore feet?

In the world of nursing, foot pain plagues the workforce. Being constantly on your feet can lead to soreness and even more serious damage. Many nurses use compression socks to relieve stress on their feet and legs.

Should travelers wear compression socks?

Those who find themselves in frequent travel should consider the benefits of accepting compression socks into their lives. Sitting in cramped spaces such as in a car or an airplane can cause blood clots to form in the legs. Compression socks generally have a graduated compression.

This means the socks increase or decrease the tightness of compression in order to generate the most positive blood flow. Travelers who experience heaviness of lower limbs, tingles, or general foot and leg pain while on the road or in the sky should, at the very least, try compression socks.

Travel nurses should use compression socks

Our travelers list compression socks as some of their most important accessories.

The travelers that use compression socks are relieved of the daily aches and pain that being on your feet can cause. A quick Google Images search can reveal the power held within compression socks through before-and-after photos.

There are many options to choose from in the compression sock universe at many different price levels. If you’re suffering from pain in the lower extremities, you’re probably self-medicating with over the counter remedies. Try and reduce the swelling at a lower cost; try compression socks!

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