Not licensed in a state where you want to travel? We can help.

One of the many benefits available to our travelers is assistance with obtaining your license in a new state. Travelers who are licensed in multiple states (or have their Compact Nursing License) have more options when considering their next assignment. Learn more about how a Compact Nursing License works


With new jobs opening every day in all 50 states, we want you to have the flexibility to go wherever the wind (and the paycheck) takes you next.

If you are interested in taking an assignment in a state where you don’t have a current license, not only will your recruiting team help make the process as easy as possible, we’ll reimburse you for your fees.

Each state has a different licensing process, so be sure to start the process early. While some new licenses can be as quick as a few days, some can take a few weeks or even months. Learn more about individual states' licensing requirements

For more details on licensure reimbursements, speak with your recruiter today!

New York, New Jersey, Ohio

Right now, we have new travel nursing jobs popping up all across New York, New Jersey, and Ohio. These are great locations where high-paying jobs are moving fast. When you're considering where to go next, make sure you consider one of these three states!

Don't have your New York, New Jersey, or Ohio nursing license yet? Don't worry.

For a limited time, we'll not only reimburse you for the costs of getting your license, we'll also send you a brand new iPad or Apple Watch when you get to the halfway point of your NY, NJ, or OH assignment.

But speak with a recruiter today, this offer ends October 1st!

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California is waiting

Home to everything from celebrity-filled cities to beautiful mountains, redwoods, and beaches (and with the best pay and even better patient ratios), California is one of our traveler's favorite places to work and to visit.

Let trustaff help expedite your California nursing license

If you don't have your California nursing license yet, we can help. We've helped hundreds of travelers like you through the process. We know the ins and outs of the process and can help you complete all the correct licensing requirements in order to receive your license as quickly as possible and we'll reimburse you for your costs!

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“Gotta give a heartfelt shoutout to my trustaff recruiter. He is easy to talk to, responsive (I like how he used phone calls, emails, and texting), and answers questions quickly (if he doesn't know the answer he knows who does). My first ever phone interview landed me my first ever travel nursing assignment offer. Couldn't have done it without him in my corner. Looking forward to working with him through my first assignment and beyond."


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