With the ongoing shortage of qualified healthcare professionals, nursing agency jobs are a great solution to nationwide staffing shortages. Nurses have the flexibility to take great paying jobs in areas they are interested in; patients continue to get the care they need.

Nursing agency jobs mean that the nurse is employed by the agency, rather than directly by the facility. When you take a nursing agency job, your contract outlines the details of your employment including your salary, scheduling, and the length you are to work at that specific facility. The majority of nursing agency jobs ask for a 13-week commitment, during which time you'll work at the hospital.

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nursing agency jobs

Travel nurse assignments

The travel nurse agency helps the nurse find the perfect job for them. Travel nursing jobs are often called 'assignments.' Travel nurse assignments typically last 13 weeks, but can be shorter or longer depending on what the hospital needs.

Once you've completed your assignment, you can always opt to extend! When a traveler and a hospital are both happy with the arrangement, they can accept another 13 week job at the same location and continue working uninterrupted.

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