What is a travel nursing skills checklist?

A travel nursing skills checklist is a tool provided by your travel nursing agency. It is designed to provide both the agency and potential employers with a better understanding of your clinical competency.

Along with your application and clinical references, the travel nursing skills checklist is an important part of your submission packet.

skills checklist

How does a travel nursing skills checklist work?

Completing a skills checklist is part of becoming a traveling nurse. When you complete your application and other paperwork, you’ll be asked to complete a skills checklist appropriate for your area of expertise.

Always keep your skills checklist up-to-date, so that when your recruiter submits your information for your next job, they have an accurate impression of your skills!

How to complete your travel nursing skills checklist

At the beginning of the checklist, a scale of experience level will be provided. The scale may vary, but perhaps a 1 indicates ‘No Experience’ and a 4 indicates ‘Expert Proficiency.’ You simply go down the list of skills and rate yourself on each item using the number scale.

For example: a traveling neurology nurse may be asked to rate his or her level of experience with Cranial Nerve Assessment, while a traveling cath lab nurse may be asked to rate his or her level of experience with Central Line Insertion.

What to expect from the skills checklist

travel nursing skills checklist exampleSpecialized skills checklists can be very long, sometimes 5 pages or more, and may list more than 100 skill competencies for relevant processes, procedures, and equipment.

Take your time filling out the checklist, but don’t overthink things. Usually your initial response to a question is the most accurate.

If you don’t have experience with a certain skill on the list, don’t hesitate to say so; it’s important for your answers to be true to your real experiences.

If you have questions about completing your travel nursing skills checklist, or any other part of your assessment paperwork, you can always call or email your trustaff career specialist. They are there to help walk you through the process!

Apply nowWhether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced traveler, trustaff’s team of career specialists are always at the ready to help you become the most successful traveling nurse you can be! Contact us at 877-880-0346 or apply online today.

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