What is a traveling nurse?

A traveling nurse is a healthcare professional that is hired to work at a specific location for a limited amount of time. During their temporary contract—more commonly called an “assignment”—the nurse travels to that location to work in their area of specialty.

A traveling nurse is an experienced, knowledgeable professional. They may have their Compact nursing license or be licensed in a variety of states. Healthcare professionals who accept travel assignments are very well-paid for their skills, time, and travel.

How travel nursing works

what is a traveling nurseTo find a travel nursing job, healthcare professionals use a travel nursing agency. The travel company helps match you with an assignment, provides your employee benefits, and manages your paperwork, compliance, and other details.

Assignments for traveling nurses can last anywhere from 4-16 weeks, however 13 weeks is the most common length. After the assignment ends, you can accept an offer to extend at that facility or move on and see somewhere new.

Though it is most commonly referred to as “travel nursing,” traveling is not just limited to RNs! Many types of healthcare professionals have the opportunity to travel, including allied health professionals like Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists, LPNs/LVNs, and many more.

Learn more about how to become a traveling nurse, including choosing the best travel nursing agency for you!

Why do hospitals need traveling nurses?

Search JobsFacilities hire traveling nurses for a variety of reasons. Some common examples include: filling in for a leave absence, accommodating seasonal fluctuations in the city’s population, assisting with an upcoming EMR conversion, or providing patient care while new staff are in training.

Nurses are in very high demand, and staffing shortages can put patients at risk. Traveling nurses make sure the patients continue to get great care, regardless of the circumstances.

Whether it’s the paycheck or the experiences, travel nursing offers a unique opportunity to grow! If you are a nurse that meets the travel nurse requirements, it’s easy to start a traveling nurse career very quickly.

Traveling nurses can find assignments by using our Job Search or by contacting one of our trustaff career specialists. As a trustaff traveling nurse, you’ll qualify for great pay and amazing benefits. Traveling nurses employed by trustaff also enjoy great perks like license reimbursement and referral bonuses!

Apply nowWhether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced traveler, trustaff’s team of career specialists are always at the ready to help you become the most successful traveling nurse you can be! Contact us at 877-880-0346 or apply online today.

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