Why continuing education is important for recruiters

No matter how experienced they are when they join our team, all our trustaff recruiters undergo a rigorous training process. But the education process doesn’t end after the first few months.

We challenge our team members to continue to grow and improve, both within our field and personally. Why? Because continuing education means better service and more successful teams!

The reality is, many healthcare recruiters don’t start out with a background in healthcare. While they receive education during orientation about the jobs they will be working on, continuing that education throughout their career is what develops them into experienced staffing professionals rather than run-of-the-mill order takers.

What do recruiters need to know?

It all starts here. In order to effectively recruit for open healthcare positions across the country, all healthcare recruiters are taught three essential pieces to the healthcare staffing puzzle.

  1. Understanding the Health System – In order to give our recruiters a good foundation to work from, we start by educating them on the health system as a whole. We talk through the essential aspects of the continuum of care so they have a better understanding of how a patient flows through the health system from start to finish. It gives them a big picture to start with and the remain two pieces help them narrow in on the best candidate for an open position.
  2. Understanding the Facilities – In order to find the best fit for the job they are working on, the recruiters need to understand the types of facilities and the levels of care they provide. We educate them on the different trauma levels and the different skills that are essential for a nurse to be successful in a position at that particular facility. An ER nurse who has only worked in a level five trauma center may not be ready to jump right into a level one teaching facility just yet. Sending a traveler to an assignment that isn’t a good fit for their skills is a bad bet for all parties involved!
  3. Understanding the Nurse- Every nurse is unique. We teach the recruiters to understand the nurse’s background, certifications, and skill set that may come across their desk. We talk through specialties and the different units. They have a better understanding of how different specialties interact with one another and which specialties can float to other units when needed.

While most people could probably guess what an Operating Room nurse does, accurately matching professionals with the right job requires a much more nuanced understanding. Asking a Labor and Delivery RN to float to the ICU is simply not appropriate—but can a Med Surg nurse work on the Telemetry unit? Or can a PCU nurse cover post-op care?

Why continuing educations matters

Staying abreast of industry changes and being engaged in your work is a huge part of success, no matter your profession! That’s why trustaff provides continuing education to all our team members and encourages professional development.

An educated recruiter can efficiently match potential candidates faster and more accurately than one who doesn’t have that critical bank of knowledge to rely on. They’ll know what questions to ask, what certifications they are looking for, and how to help find the best possible fit. It’s part of the professional services we provide and part of our industry expertise promise.

The ultimate goal of any successful healthcare staffing firm is to help each facility and candidate find the best fit for open positions. Ensuring that travelers are correctly matched and well-qualified for the assignment is the recipe for success for both the travelers and the facilities relying on their care.

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