The Quality Assurance Team: trustaff’s Secret Sauce

We’re lucky to have some amazing people working here at trustaff, but there’s one team, in particular, we absolutely could not live without. Our Quality Assurance Department handles all our traveler compliance, screening, and documentation. In the world of healthcare staffing, compliance and verifications are a huge deal!

Quality Assurance is just one of the many support teams that keep the trustaff train running day in and day out, but it’s by far the largest. There are over 40 people on the QA team, which is broken up into four different specialties. Each of them plays a major role in the travel process from start to finish.

Quality Assurance (QA) Coordinators

The Coordinators work with the travelers from the time they start applying for jobs throughout their entire employment with trustaff. They set up drug screens, assign and monitor competency testing, run education/employment verifications, process all the incoming paperwork, and maintain the list of up-to-date requirements from the various facilities (the list goes on and on).

Onboarding Specialists

Onboarding Specialists are assigned to a specific facility and are teamed up with a Compliance Specialist partner. They’re focused only on travelers that are accepted or currently working at one of their facilities.

Once a traveler has accepted an offer at a particular facility, the Onboarding Specialist for that facility will reach out to the traveler directly. They coordinate plans to help the traveler get compliant (and stay compliant) for their assignment. We refer to them as the “cheerleaders” to keep the traveler on track and motivated to meet the facility’s deadline for paperwork.

Compliance Specialists

Compliance Specialists are also assigned to a facility and have a corresponding Onboarding Specialist partner. They’re focused on reviewing and processing all documents received from the traveler and submitting them to the facility.

The Compliance Specialist is the main contact with their assigned facility directly on all things compliance – both during the onboarding period, throughout the traveler’s time there, and during any requested audits. They become an expert on that facility’s needs, wants, and requirements down to the tiniest detail.

The Expirations Team

Though their job title says ‘Compliance Specialist,’ this unique group of people really blends the roles of Compliance and Onboarder. Their sole focus to monitor current travelers for upcoming licensure or document expirations and ensure that their file is updated in a timely manner.

If a traveler has an expiration coming up, they reach out, send reminders, and can even assist the traveler with finding locations for medical testing, certification classes, and more. It’s a newer addition to the QA team and just another way we try to support our travelers while they are out on the road.

Your patients… our priority

The Quality Assurance department is a huge part of how trustaff efficiently serves both our travelers and our facility partners. Not only is it critical that we accurately screen and verify every traveler before they begin work, the traveler also needs to have a complete employment profile throughout their entire time at the facility. The compliance process is part of our Joint Commission certification, ensuring trustaff meets or exceeds all national standards.

Each QA team member is an expert in their position and it allows us to move quickly when a new position opens and a traveler is ready to jump in. We couldn’t do what we do every day without each one of these incredible people. We cannot thank them enough for their hard work and dedication to trustaff.

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