5 of the best things to do in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts is one of our top locations for traveling nurses considering their next assignment. Perched right on the North Atlantic Ocean, this historic harbor offers plenty to do, amazing food, and truly world-class healthcare facilities.

Here are some of the top things our travelers have said you can’t miss during your visit

  1. Fenway Park: You can’t go to Boston and not visit Fenway Park. Enjoy a game if you can, or just take a tour around the stadium. Bostonians don’t mess around when it comes to baseball and their beloved Red Sox; whether you’re a baseball fan or not, it’s a true Boston experience. Grab some tickets and take some killer photos. You won’t regret it!
  2. Skywalk Observatory: The best views in Boston are at the top of the Skywalk Observatory. Head up the 50 floors for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can visit the Dreams of Freedom Museum while you’re there too!
  3. Freedom Trail: Boston had a major role in American history and the Freedom Trail allows you to experience it firsthand. From churches to houses to museums, you’ll follow in the footsteps of the founding fathers.

Hungry? Where to eat in Boston, MA

Something savory

For an amazing meal, visit Grotto. If you’re a big Italian food fan, this is a place you won’t want to miss! Grotto has it all: great food, great atmosphere, great location. The restaurant is absolutely beautiful. It’s the whole package.

“Wow, everything about Grotto is fantastic. They even called us to tell us they had a reservation cancel and asked us if we wanted the better time slot. Both my wife and I loved our dinner.” ~Eric

“I’ve been here twice and both times the food was incredible! Better than the food I used to eat when I was living in Italy. I would highly recommend this restaurant and will certainly be back in the future.” ~Zoe M.

“Found this incredible gem by accident! (it’s not on open table). The food was outstanding, the service excellent and the atmosphere downright charming. We will definitely return!” ~Maureen J

Something sweet

For a sweet treat, try Mike’s Pastries. Smack dab in the historic district, Mike’s Pastries is the go-to spot when your sweet tooth starts kicking in. Mike himself created a one-of-a-kind cannoli that the locals love and that tourists come from far and wide to try.

“Loved the cannolis—must try. This place is usually very crowded. Nice ambiance and has place to sit and relish the pastries. They have a good variety of options. Highly recommend you visit this place when you are in Boston!” ~Prathiksha M

“I am a Bostonian and this is my favorite pastry shop. The vanilla cupcakes are amazing, nothing compares. The cake and frosting are equal parts delicious and so fresh!!” ~Lauren D.

“Mike’s is not merely a place to find the most incredible desserts in Boston. It is an experience. The only problem with Mike’s is making a choice because there are so many fabulous treats. That is why you have to return often. Mike’s is the best!” ~Dean B.

What other travelers are saying about Boston, MA

Overall, our travelers love the area! Here’s what they had to say about what it’s like to work as a travel nurse in Boston.

“Boston is so worth it. It’s one of the bucket list cities you’ll want to put on your list. There’s so much history, but it’s still a modern, lively city. It’s a tad expensive, but I knew that going in. Highly recommend it.”

“Loved my time in Boston. The city just has such a unique vibe compared to anywhere else I had been. Great food. There was plenty to do on my days off when I wanted to go explore. The facility was great. I liked it a lot. I’m coming back, for sure.”

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