5 Things to do in Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo, North Dakota is a hidden gem. It’s not a small village hidden in the middle of nowhere, but a booming city with plenty to do! Our travelers have had a great time in the area. We asked a few of them what their favorite parts of the city were and they shared five different places they would recommend for the next traveler headed north!

Here are some of the top things our travelers have said you can’t miss during your visit

1. Red River Zoo: The Red River Zoo is a great place to spend a day off. The zoo is home to a large number of exotic animals, so grab your camera! They specialize in the care and breeding of some of the rarest cold-climate animals. They host a number of fun events throughout the year and you can even do some behind-the-scenes experiences.

2. Hjemkomst Center: Have you ever seen a Viking ship? Well, now is your chance. The Hjemkomst center is a museum that first opened in 1985 and serves as a home to the Hjemkomst Viking Ship, Hopperstad Stave Church replica, quarterly museum exhibits, and county archives. It’s a unique historical experience that you rarely get to see or hear about!

3. Thunder Road: Because who doesn’t love a family-focused play center offering seasonal go-karts, bumper cars, batting, mini-golf & laser tag. Grab some new friends from your facility and get to know each other outside the unit!

Hungry? Where to eat in Fargo, ND

Something savory

Get a bite to eat at Doolittles Woodfire Grill. The moment you walk in the front door at Doolittles, you’re greeted with friendly faces and a delectable smell.

The travelers who stopped here said it was one of their all-time favorites from their travels so far. The menu is packed full of high-quality, but affordable meals. Give it a try!

“From the phone call to make my reservation (of 20 people) until we all paid our bills the service was excellent!! We got there early and they made sure we were taken care of even though our waitresses hadn’t started their shifts yet. The food and drinks were brought very promptly and everything tasted great! The Spinach artichoke dip was my favorite! I would definitely return!”
– Emily

“Great for a date with your significant other. The chicken is superb, the hanger steak is consistently excellent as well.
Terrific staff and fair prices. One of my local favorites for date night!”
– Kevin

Something sweet

Indulge in a sweet treat at Babb’s Coffee House. Good coffee + desserts = heaven. You’ll definitely want to swing by Babb’s and grab yourself something yummy. The coffee is delicious and energizing. The pastries and desserts are outstanding. It’s a can’t miss.

“This coffee shop is a little gem on Main Street Fargo. It’s a big and spacious shop, but it feels so friendly and cozy. They have all sorts of chairs, couches, and tables to choose from, which makes it seem that much cozier. 12/10.”
– August

“Unique to Fargo local coffee house. Has a Pacific NW feel to it, with a relaxed atmosphere, areas for work, or conversation, with a good food and drink menu. Great place to spend some time while enjoying your coffee.”
– Ryan

What other travelers are saying about Fargo, ND

Overall, Fargo was great to our travelers and they had a great time at the facilities. They highly recommended you stop by for a visit.

“I spent my summer in Fargo, ND. Yeah… Fargo, never in my life would I have imagined coming here! But the hospital and employees are great. I’ve made great new travel friends.”

“I did winter in Fargo last year, ice fishing, warm boots, great coat (with wind breaking) scarf for your face. Lots of great places to eat. Lots of breweries. Nice people.”

“I just left Fargo, ND and later this month I will be going to Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Custer State Park, Badlands… I can’t get over how lucky we are that we get to live this life!”

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