What To Do On Assignment In Hilo, Hawaii

Who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii!? The island is a dream location for many travelers (and the staff here too). We see so many amazing photos from the beaches and the cities. We asked our travelers who have taken assignments in Hilo, Hawaii what they thought of the area and they shared some of their favorite hot spots with us.

  1. Rainbow Falls: Grab your camera and head out to Rainbow Falls. The waterfall is 80 feet high and you can get up close and personal. You can see rainbows in the early morning times. It’s not far from the biggest falls on the island, the ‘Akaka Falls that drop 422 feet! It’s a bit of a hike to get there, but both falls are worth it.
  2. Helicopter Tours: Want to see an erupting volcano? The Blue Hawaiian helicopter tours the big island and you’ll see a little bit of everything in the 50 minutes you’re in the air. The chopper will fly over lava flows, tropical rainforests, and cascading waterfalls while you learn all about the history and culture of Hawaii.
  3. Kaumana Caves: Kaumana Caves are easy to get to and great for first-time cave divers. Wear sturdy shoes and bring a flashlight for some good photos. The cave is a lava tube that was created back in 1881 from the Mauna Loa. It’s a free adventure, so why not!?

Best Place to Eat in Hilo, Hawaii: Moon and Turtle

Check out the Moon and Turtle Facebook page before you go. Their menu changes frequently and they post their daily menu to their Facebook page to update patrons. It’s a delicious international menu that focuses on locally sourced ingredients. It’s not a far walk to the beach too!

“Amazing food, great service, I could eat here every day!”
Paul L.

“We love, love, love this place. Soni and Marc were so gracious to host us for my husbands 50th birthday party. It was memorable and made the event even more special because of the staff and owners. Mahalo Plenty!!!! Love you guys Fine dining”
Tonya O.

“Must eat here when in Hilo. Beautiful food served family style. Small or large plates each dish brought to the table as soon as prepared. Sweet basil iced tea just right – taste the earthy basil with just a hint of sweetness. Unusual dishes menu changes daily. Rated #1 for good reason. You won’t find soup or salad on menu. But what wonderful choices. Not vegetarian.”
Lisa B.

Best Bakery in Hilo, Hawaii: Papa’a Palaoa Bakery

Papa’a Palaoa Bakery is the best place in town to grab some fresh bread, pastries, pies and so much more. They even do sandwiches! Stop in and grab a sandwich for lunch and a pastry to save for an afternoon snack.

“Great selection of fresh bread and other baked goods. THE. BEST. PIE. Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. My favorites are the deli rye and cranberry loafs and chappatis.”
Catarina Z.

“I was treated very well by the most friendly young lady who was working the counter. The cinnamon rolls are amazing I can’t wait to come back and try some of the homemade bread!”
Garitt A.

“Best cinnamon roll I have ever had, vegan, dripping with spice and some crunch! Great bran muffins!”
Jo-Ann G.

We asked our travelers what they thought about the Hilo area and here’s what they shared with us:

“Hilo is absolutely amazing. You can’t beat the views. You’re right on the ocean and there is plenty to do in the city. It’s the perfect place to take a travel assignment. You won’t want to leave.”

“Everywhere in Hawaii is pretty great. I’ve done a few assignments on the island and Hilo was by far my favorite. Friendly staff, great experiences, and calm but lively city. I would definitely recommend stopping by here while you’re on the road.”

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