Why New Orleans is a Must-Visit City

New Orleans is absolutely amazing. It’s one of those cities you must see at some point in your lifetime. The city is alive with such a unique culture, a vibrant music scene, and delicious cuisine.

We asked our travelers that have done a few assignments in the area what their favorite parts of New Orleans were and they shared some of their finds with us.

  1. Bourbon Street – Right in the heart of the French Quarter, Bourbon Street is a historic 13 blocks famous for its bars. The street is packed full of amazing historic venues with interesting stories. Just take a stroll down Bourbon Street and you’ll experience some of the best food, drinks, and live jazz music ever.
  2. St. Louis Cathedral – The St. Louis Cathedral is one of New Orlean’s most notable landmarks. The three steeples tower over the city. The church has a rich history and it’s absolutely beautiful. You can tour the church and the convent museum close by. There’s even a gift shop to grab a little souvenir.
  3. Ghost City Tours – There are so many different companies to choose from, but we had to pick one. New Orleans offers a ton of Ghost Tours all over the city. You’re guided through famous parts of the city while your tour guide shares some frightening tidbits about the historic sites. It’s a fun, and scary, time.

Where to get a bite to eat: Red Dog Diner

Need some good comfort food while you’re on assignment? The Red Dog Diner has you covered. All their food is made from scratch and you can definitely taste it. They describe their food as “Fine Comfort Food”. You’ll definitely have to stop in and check their indoor and outdoor bar areas. They have some great online reviews!

“Delicious! The salmon sliders were so delicious cooked just perfectly and accompanied with a tangy chutney and refreshing spices. The macaroni cheese and chicken were very creamy and rich! The shoestring fries made a nice change from usual fries. Staff was friendly and helpful. We got a table straight away. Would definitely recommend the food was perfect!”
Rhianna M

“Fell in love with the shrimp and grits, and the blueberry pancakes. We had a long conversation about how they must find only the best blueberries. We found a kindred spirit in our fellow Philadelphia waitress. Did you know there is an amazing biscuit hiding under everything you go to eat in New Orleans? It’s true. Great food here, friendly and fast service, we will think about this place fondly.”
Karen H.

“Since I’ve been in town this place has been the main place I’ve gone for dinner or just desert. The food is really good and the service is probably one of the best I’ve had anywhere. Next time I’m in town I’ll definitely be going back. It’s a really nice and warm place to relax have a drink or bite to eat.”
Jesse W.

Where to get a sweet treat: Cafe Du Monde

You can’t go to New Orleans without stopping at Cafe Du Monde. Grab a coffee and a beignet. It’s open 24/7 so after a long shift, this is the place to be. People come from all over to get a taste. Celebrities stop in, it’s that good.

“So touristy and busy. BUT NOT TO BE MISSED. Our first stop on my wife’s first trip to NOLA and one of her very top experiences. Transcends space and time, exudes the French Quarter charm. Not too sweet and the chicory always tastes wonderful in the city.”
David M.

“Love this place. Very charming and loved the quality of the beignets and coffee we had. Be prepared for a wait time of 15-20 minutes during peak hours. It’ll be a quick dine and dash effort. Totally worth the wait and a must do as a visitor to New Orleans”
Janavi K.

“The lines get into this place is amazing, make sure you are in the sit-down line and not the carryout line if you want to eat in. It moves really fast because the only thing on the menu is beignets and drinks. The great wait staff really quick service very enjoyable! Tim was our server and he was the best!!”
Robin S.

We asked what our travelers thought of New Orleans overall and this is what they had to share!

“Nola has to be one of my all time favorite places. It was great as a traveler. Plenty to do and AMAZING food. You can’t go wrong. Finding housing was kind of hard, but no different than a usual popular city location.”

“Bucket list worthy. New Orleans was a ton of fun. It’s not far from a ton of touristy stuff. It’s crowded, but the culture and life in the city is something you don’t experience anywhere else. I loved it and highly recommend it.”

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