Travel Nurse Jobs in Bellevue, Washington

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Looking for travel placement jobs as a professional Travel Nurse in Bellevue, Washington? Check out the options below to see if the perfect placement is waiting for you at trustaff. We are looking for experienced, caring Travel Nurse to fill jobs throughout the country. Experience Bellevue and get a chance to explore beautiful Washington on your time off.

Job IDJob TitleLength of JobCityShiftEst. Weekly Pay
437813OR RN13 WeeksBellevue, WA8 HR Days$1,880.00APPLY NOW
437814OR RN13 WeeksBellevue, WA12 HR PM$1,880.00APPLY NOW
438369OR RN13 WeeksBellevue, WA8 HR Days$1,840.00APPLY NOW
442953Respiratory Therapist13 WeeksBellevue, WA8 HR Days$1,400.00APPLY NOW
438371Surgical Tech13 WeeksBellevue, WA8 HR Days$1,240.00APPLY NOW
438372Nurse Manager13 WeeksBellevue, WA8 HR DaysAPPLY NOW

Travel Nurse and Allied Health Jobs in Bellevue, Washington

Secure a great Travel Nurse job in the lovely state of Washington. Nicknamed The Evergreen State, Washington is known for gorgeous summers, beautiful forests, the Space Needle, Starbucks and the Pikes Place Market. With cutting-edge facilities such as University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children's Hospital in Spokane and Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, Washington provides a vibrant environment for healthcare professionals to work, learn and grow.  Check out old growth forests, lush rainforests and the Puget Sound on your own time and discover why travel placements can feel like a true adventure!

The Travel Nurse will likely have direct contact with patients in a clinical setting. Most professionals will work at larger clinics or hospitals, but some may find jobs in doctor's offices, medical labs or similar facilities. Requirements may include taking direction well, interacting with patients compassionately, and working effectively as part of a medical team. Typical placements are shift-based and paid by the hour.

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For over fifteen years, trustaff has helped talented professionals like you take their careers to the next level. Most professionals will work at larger clinics or hospitals, but some may find jobs in doctor's offices, medical labs or similar facilities. With great pay, outstanding benefits, and dedicated personal support, our travelers trust trustaff to accelerate their careers again and again. 

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