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Below you’ll find a collection of answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about travel nursing and allied job opportunities, how the process works, and what you can expect. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our career consultants are available to talk you through each step, no strings attached.  

Getting Started

Q: What type of jobs does trustaff offer?

A:With trustaff, your options are as open as you are. You can work per diem, temporary, or travel nursing assignments, or even secure a permanent job. When you complete your online application and talk to your recruiter, you let them know what type of positions you're interested in.

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Q: Does trustaff specialize in any specific areas of the country?

A: We place healthcare professionals throughout the continental United States, as well as Alaska, Hawaii, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam. trustaff has great relationships with facilities across the nation and every day we receive new job openings in a wide variety of states, settings, and climates. We are not restricted to working only in certain states or areas.

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Q: Do I have to pay trustaff to find a job for me?

A: No! You never pay any fees for working with us, regardless of the type of position, and speaking to one of our career specialists does not obligate you to work with us now or in the future.

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Q: What happens when I register online?

A: Once you complete our quick registration on our website, our team distributes your information to the appropriate team member for your specialty and employment preferences. A career consultant will contact you within 24-48 hours to introduce themselves, answer any questions or requests you may have, and find out more information about you and your nursing/healthcare career.

If you'd like to start filling out your complete employee profile right away, you are welcome to skip ahead and create a Mytrustaff account, where you can access your skills checklists, employment forms, and more.

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Q: Who do I work for? Am I an employee of trustaff?

A: If you work an assignment as a traveler or take shifts for our per diem division, you become an employee of trustaff. We pay your wages directly to you, after withholding and paying all proper employment taxes, workers' compensation, and any benefits selections as requested.

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The Traveling Experience

Q: Why do healthcare professionals travel?

A: Some healthcare professionals choose to travel to explore different parts of the country, expand their clinical knowledge and experiences, or simply because they find they receive better compensation. It depends on the individual, but most healthcare professionals travel for a combination of location, pay, benefits, and professional opportunities. Sometimes it's just plain ol' wanderlust! Here are 5 of our most popular reasons our travelers choose the travel lifestyle.

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Q: What are the minimum requirements to travel with trustaff?

A: You must have a degree from an accredited healthcare professional program in the United States or Canada and at least one year of acute care experience in the specialty area for which you’re applying, with the exception of Physical Therapists who are eligible to begin traveling as soon as they receive their license. Some facilities require their travelers to have even more years of experience in their specialty before they can take an assignment at that location, ranging from 2-4 years. Learn more about the basic travel nursing requirements

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Q: This sounds really exciting. How do I start travel nursing?

A: The first step is to register for Mytrustaff and complete our online application. A member of our team will review your information and contact you within 24 hours to connect with you and begin your search.

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Q: Do I have to travel with trustaff once I have submitted my application?

A: No! Whether you do our quick registration on our website or even go ahead and get started on your full employment application, this information is simply used to get the process started. Then if you decide you're ready to travel with us, we have the information to find you the perfect position. You are not at all obligated to take a position with us just because you fill out an application or speak to a career specialist.

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Q: How long will it take to approve my application and find an assignment?

A: Your application is complete as soon as your employment profile is fully filled out and we have checked your references. Assuming your paperwork and documentation is in order and you have a current license in the state to which you're traveling, you could begin your first travel nurse or allied assignment within as little as one week. (They say the waiting is the hardest part, but we know it’s actually the paperwork.)

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Q: Do I need to sign an employment contract in order to work with trustaff?

A: No. You only sign an agreement for each position or "assignment" you take, which delineates all details for that particular placement, including the start date, end date, and other pertinent details for that specific position.

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Q: How long are travel assignments?

A: A typical travel nurse or allied assignment is 13 weeks, but we offer a wide range of assignments as well as permanent positions. If you're looking for something longer or shorter, simply let your recruiter know and they'll do their best to accommodate your schedule.

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Q: What shifts are available?

A: We offer shifts ranging from 8, 10, and 12 hours, both days and nights. The shifts available depend entirely upon what the facility needs and requests, but you’ll be able to select your preference of shift when you are browsing potential assignments with your career consultant.

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Q: How will trustaff prepare me for my assignment?

A: Once you have accepted an assignment, your career consultant will confirm your start date, shift, unit, pay rate and pay plan. You will receive an employment package with all the information you will need to start your assignment, and your trustaff support team is on hand to help answer any questions you may have. This includes an introduction to your onboarding specialist, who is in charge of maintaining all your paperwork and scheduling, and your personal travel advocate, who will check in throughout your assignment to ensure all is well.

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Q: If I'm on a travel assignment and don't like it, do I have to stay?

A: You are obligated to the facility and trustaff to complete your assignment. Your trustaff support team, including your personal nurse advocate, is available 24/7 to help you navigate your assignment and have the best experience possible. Once your travel nursing or allied assignment is complete, it is up to you whether you'd like to extend the assignment or travel somewhere else.

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Q: What happens once my assignment is complete?

A: If the facility opts to extend your assignment, you can either accept or decline the offer to stay. If you or the facility do not wish to extend your assignment, your career consultant will help you find a new travel nursing assignment or find a permanent position elsewhere. Your team will be in touch throughout your assignment, and as you approach your end date you'll have conversations about what you'd like to do next.

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Q: Can I provide my own housing while on assignment?

A: Yes! In fact many of our travelers prefer this. We offer some housing assistance, but if you prefer to make your own housing arrangements we simply pay you a housing per diem amount in your weekly check when you can then use to offset your housing costs. The availability and amount of the housing allowance varies from assignment to assignment and depends upon the respective costs of living and any governmental limitation amounts. Check with your career consultant to determine your specific options.

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Q: Can you help me locate a job in a particular city, even if you don't have any jobs there listed on your website?

A: Even though we update our open jobs every day, our account managers and sales staff are constantly bringing in new opportunities. If you can't find the perfect position in our Job Search, just contact us and let your career consultant know what you want and where you want to go—Sometimes the jobs are so hot they never even make it onto the website!

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Q: How many hours per week will I work at my travel job?

A: Most travel nursing assignments offer guaranteed hours ranging from 36 to 48 hours per week. You may work hours beyond your guarantee depending upon the facility of your assignment, and you will be paid for those extra hours. Even if the facility does not schedule you for your guaranteed hours in a given week, trustaff will pay you for your guaranteed hours if you were available to work. Learn more about how guaranteed hours work

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Q: Does trustaff offer reimbursement for licensing?

A: Yes. After you have received your license and have begun a travel assignment, send a copy of your license along with any receipts to document payment of fees for licensing, verification, and fingerprinting. We reimburse these costs directly to you. Learn more about license reimbursement

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Compensation & Benefits

Q: What will my salary be? How much will I be paid?

A: trustaff's travel nurses are some of the best compensated healthcare professionals in the industry. Your salary or pay rate varies by your modality, specialty, and experience, as well as the facility and location in which you work. Each position, facility, and even shift can have a different pay rate, which is why you’ll work closely with your recruiter to find the opportunities that are the best match.

When working per diem and travel nursing assignments, you may have additional flexibility in pay rate depending upon what amenities you may need or want while working. Your recruiter will work with you to negotiate the best compensation package possible.

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Q: When and how will I be paid?

A: All of trustaff’s per diem and travel nursing / allied staff are paid through weekly direct deposit.

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Q: Does trustaff offer bonuses on assignments?

A: Yes! In both our travel nursing and per diem divisions, trustaff offers a variety of bonuses. In addition, many of our facility partners offer a variety of additional bonuses and incentives specific to their individual assignments. For more information regarding bonuses that may be available to you, talk to your recruiter.

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Q: Does trustaff offer any bonuses if I refer a friend?

A: Yes! We offer a referral bonus for any potential employees you refer to trustaff who begin employment with us. Some of our best employees have come from your recommendations!

As soon as your referral completes their first assignment or completes their first few weeks at their new permanent job, you will receive a bonus from $350 – $1,000, depending upon the specialty area and modality of your referral. Visit our referral page for more information

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Q: How are my taxes handled?

A: For our travel nursing and per diem healthcare employees, trustaff withholds all necessary taxes. You will receive an annual W-2 from each state in which you've worked at the end of the year. You are not an independent contractor. For specific tax questions, please talk to your personal tax advisor.

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Q: I’m ready to go! When can I sign up for medical and dental insurance?

A: You’ll be able to sign up for your benefits upon starting your first travel nursing assignment. trustaff offers a wide range of healthcare plans and you select your preferred level of coverage. Plans cover medical, dental, and vision for each employee, as well as additional family members and dependents.

Your benefits can continue seamlessly even when you change assignments, as long as you do not have a break between assignments longer than 28 days. For full details on our selection of comprehensive benefits packages talk to your recruiter.

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Q: Can I get insurance coverage for my spouse or dependents?

A: Absolutely. You may add an eligible spouse or dependent(s) when selecting your benefits plan. Just select the appropriate program option – employee and spouse, employee and child, or family – and complete all necessary paperwork with the assigned premiums.

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Q: Does trustaff have a 401(k) plan?

A: trustaff employees are eligible to make contributions to a 401(k) savings account upon taking your first assignment. After completion of one year of employment and at least 1,000 hours of service, trustaff will match your contributions at 50% up to the first 4% of contributions.

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Per Diem Staffing

Q: Where does trustaff place per diem nurses and allied professionals?

A: Currently, we have many per diem opportunities throughout the country with a focus in the Tri-State area (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana). Per diem shifts also sometimes become available at our regional client facilities as their needs change.
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Q: How do I get started?

A: Register with us and then complete the online application or contact one of our recruiters today. Once you complete your application and provide some additional documentation and verifications, you can begin picking up shifts. It’s a great way to supplement or increase your income on a regular basis.
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“I have been with trustaff for over a year and just finished my 6th assignment. My recruiter is terrific. When I had a problem with insurance over the summer, they were wonderful in keeping me happy and notified. I don't think I'll ever go with anyone else. Bonuses,  insurance, recruiter—All the best.”


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