How are you celebrating National Nurses Week?

National Nurses Week is May 6th-12th, and there’s no better time to stop and recognize the amazing contributions nurses make to our communities, our families, and our own personal health.

Nurses are constantly giving of themselves to improve the lives of others, sometimes even at the detriment of their own self-care. It’s truly a calling that springs from a caring spirit!

This year we’re celebrating with a special message from our Traveler Ambassador—plus get an insider’s look behind the scenes at where all the action happens!

Here at trustaff, we have a front row seat to what nurses go through on a day-to-day basis. From 12 hour night shifts in a thunderstorm by flashlight to traveling the country and changing lives along the way, we are honored to work with the best healthcare professionals in the country.

Happy National Nurses Week from all of us at trustaff! We hope it’s a great one full of calm waiting rooms, cooperative veins, and peaceful, progressive patients! Nurses, we are so appreciative of your caring, hard work, and dedication. Thank you for all that you do!

Nurses are more than just our livelihood. They’re also our mothers, fathers, sisters, friends, confidants, caregivers, and lifesavers. Click here to explore real stories of how healthcare professionals have impacted our lives for the better or join in on the action in our thriving Facebook community

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