Hawaii Travel Nursing

Travel nursing offers the opportunity to explore every corner of the US in depth, and Hawaii is no exception. Travel nursing in Hawaii allows you to enjoy all the spoils of residential island life with a tourist twist.

Why would anyone pass on the opportunity to experience Hawaii for three months while getting paid? The answer is— they don’t!

Cross Hawaii off your travel nursing bucket list

Hawaii is notorious for great weather and a good time. In each of Hawaii’s two seasons—summer and what the islanders consider “winter”—temperatures remain sunny and comfortable.

While travel nursing in Hawaii, prepare to be spoiled by the amazing weather. During the summer months, or Kau in Hawaiian, temperatures hover around 85° F. During winter, or Ho’oilo, temperatures fall to a brisk 78° F.

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What to do while on assignment in Hawaii

Travel nursing in Hawaii gives you access to some of the world’s best hiking and camping spots. The 22 mile Kalalau Trail challenges the daring to take on its epic adventure and it does not disappoint. The 5-day trip ends at Kalalau Beach with a dramatic beachside waterfall.

Another staple of Hawaii is the local cuisine. Kālua pig, fried butterfish collars, luau squid, and pipikaula short ribs can be found nearly everywhere as traditional Hawaiian fare. During your assignment, one local treasure you may want to check out is Helena’s Hawaiian Food. A family owned restaurant that caters to the long-standing taste of the residents, this gem can be found in Kalihi, west of downtown Honolulu.

While in Hawaii, you can experience some of the world’s most stupendous environments. Pristine white sand beaches and reefs are ready and waiting for surfing, paddle-boarding, scuba exploration, and enjoyment. Surfing is a Hawaiian tradition and surf lessons are available throughout the islands for those who want to give it a try on their day off.

Visit an active volcano (or three!)

Hawaii encompasses an entire chain of volcanic islands, making it one of the best places in the world to get a glimpse of lava in action.

There are currently three active volcanoes in the state: Mauna Loa and Kīlauea on the Big Island, and Loihi, an underwater volcano just off the southern coast. Visitors can also hike a variety of non-active volcanic craters including Halealaka (Maui) and Leahi (Oahu).

A visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii Island is a number one stop for any travel nurse headed to Hawaii! The park is located about 30 miles south of Hilo and includes over 150 miles of pristine hiking trails, a volcanic museum and exploration center, a walk-in lava viewing tube, and of course, two active volcanoes. The park offers an intimate view of how volcanoes continue to shape the natural landscape.

Important things to know about travel nursing in Hawaii

  • When it comes to getting around the islands during your travel nursing assignment, there are many options, from renting a car or bicycle to taking the bus. Hawaii’s public transportation covers most major areas quite well.
  • “Slippers” (what many of us call flip flops or beach sandals) are universally accepted as the daily footwear of choice—except at the hospital, of course!
  • Hawaii takes pet travel very seriously, and bringing Fido or Whiskers can be quite an undertaking. Law there states that dogs and cats must meet specific pre and post-arrival requirements, and the flight can be taxing for even the most relaxed furry friend. That’s not to say it can’t be done, but do your research before you embark!
  • A flower necklace called a lei is a traditional token of welcome and friendship. Refusing a lei or taking it off in the presence of the person who gifted it is considered very rude!
  • Don’t have your Hawaii nursing license? Acquiring a nursing license in Hawaii is made easy with trustaff. We assist in the process of getting a temporary license and even reimburse you for all your licensing costs so you can enjoy your travel nursing assignment in beautiful Hawaii.

Finding a travel nursing job in Hawaii

Featured photo taken by a trustaff Traveler on assignment in Hilo, HI. Learn more about our Photo Contest

There are more than 20 major medical facilities on the islands, as well as many smaller healthcare service stations supporting the state’s more than 1.42 million citizens. Travel nursing jobs in Hawaii run the gamut from standard 13-week assignments to 6, 10, or even as long as 22-week contracts for all specialties, modalities, and technical areas.

With so much to enjoy, Hawaii is at the top of many traveler’s “some day” lists. However, this also means job openings can move super fast! If you know a visit to the islands is on your dream list, make sure you let your recruiter know so they can keep a lookout for when the next assignment in your specialty becomes available!

Not only do we provide all our traveling nurses with great pay, benefits, and 24/7 support, but with access to the best positions at local facilities, working with trustaff puts you in control and allows you to select the assignments that appeal to you.

Apply nowWhether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced traveler, trustaff’s team of career specialists are always at the ready to help you become the most successful traveling nurse you can become! Contact us at 877-880-0346 or apply online today.

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