#trustaffTraveler Spotlight: Heather W.

Heather started working with our team at trustaff last year and in that short time, she’s been amazing. We have heard nothing but great things from the facilities she’s worked and the staff around her. She’s willing to jump in where needed and has a passion to help those in need.

Her recruiter, Eric, nominated her for a trustaff Traveler Spotlight. He shared, “Heather is one of the amazing nurses that I work with. Every facility that she has worked at has either offered an extension or a perm position, which is a testament to her nursing skills and patient care. I can easily say the key to the professional friendship that we have, and the reason she is such a great traveler, is communication. I look forward to continuing to work with her as long as she will give me that privilege.”

Tell us about YOU! Where are you from? Family? Friends? Pets?

I’m from Cleveland!! I love my husband and my kitty, Zed. I love our hockey team, the Monsters. And yes, of course, I am a Browns fan! I may live in the city but my friends will all tell you I am a country girl at heart.

Why did you decide to go into healthcare?

I chose to be a nurse (specifically a psych nurse) because it hurt me to see how this population was stigmatized and treated.

What prompted you to start traveling?

I went into nursing with the intent to travel. I decided when I did to start because it just felt right at the time.

What was your first assignment like?

My first assignment was with another company and terrible. My first assignment with Eric and trustaff was amazing, I even extended. The way Eric helped me and got everything ready was what made the difference. Eric treated me like family, not just a number he gets paid for.

What’s your favorite thing about traveling?

I get to meet so many new people. And from these people, I learn so much more.

What is the most challenging part about traveling? How do you overcome it?

The most challenging part is being away from my kitty and husband. Eric makes sure that I get the time I want each month to come home during far assignments.

How many assignments have you taken and where?

2 technically with trustaff. My first was with an extension in Vermont and my second is in Cleveland which I am currently doing.

What advice would you have for someone who is thinking about starting their travel career?

Have fun with it. Make sure you research your company and recruiter before you sign that contract… don’t just go with whoever calls you first.

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