#trustaffTraveler Spotlight: Meet Abbey G.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Abbey G. for a few years now and she’s become a stand out for trustaff. Every facility she has worked at has absolutely loved having her and we could not be prouder of the wonderful work she does both on and off an assignment. During her downtime, she goes on mission trips all over the world to help those less fortunate and serve where she is needed the most (how amazing is that!).

Her recruiter, Niki, recommended her for this spotlight.

“When I first spoke to Abbey about travel nursing she was so excited & ambitious to get things rolling. We went through all the steps of getting her paperwork together, then the submittal process then FINALLY an interview & offer. She was so excited when I called her to offer a position, but then fear set in. Abbey became scared of the thought of stepping out of her comfort zone & jumping into a whole new adventure. I explained to her that I would be by her side & we would get through it as a team. From that day, not only did we become a team of Recruiter & Travel Nurse but we became friends.

It has been a wonderful experience to watch Abbey grow not only as a person but as a Nurse as well. I just knew that Abbey would be a great Nurse not to mention a Travel Nurse who could fit in anywhere her adventures would take her.

She is a beautiful person in & out who is always willing to go the extra mile for others.”
– Niki Riddle

We were able to sneak in a few minutes of her time to ask her about her career as a traveling nurse. Here’s what she shared with us!

Tell us about you. Where are you from? Family? Friends? Pets?

My name is Abigail Gray. I am 26 years old and I am from a very small town in northwest Ohio called Waynesfield. My graduating class from high school totaled 42 people, there was one stoplight in the town square, and yes, we did have a “bring your tractor to school” day. (It’s a commonly asked question) Needless to say, I grew up in a very small farm town with a wonderful family and close-knit friend group. I have two amazing parents, my Dad being a farmer and small business owner and my mom, a teacher. I am the middle child with two brothers on either side. I attended nursing school at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio and have lived in the greater Columbus area for about seven years now. I have a sweet pup named Cali Jane who is a year old and she loves being outdoors, swimming, hiking and going on road trips. I started travel nursing about two years ago with trustaff and I can honestly say working with them has been an extremely positive and rewarding experience.

Why did you decide to become a nurse in the first place?

I decided to become a nurse when I was in high school. Just like most aspiring nurse’s response to this question would be, I truly do enjoy caring for people and being able to make a difference in someone’s life. Of course, as I have started my nursing career at the bedside, I soon realized that the day doesn’t always have a happy ending or a great success story. Honestly, most of the time it is extremely exhausting, strenuous work that doesn’t always have the reward we were looking for when we signed up for this career. Now, when I think about that question, I find myself being extremely grateful for the numerous opportunities and different paths that nursing can provide. One of which is the opportunity to travel.

What made you want to start traveling as a nurse?

I started traveling after a year and a half into starting my nursing career. I had been introduced to it by a few travel nurses that were on a contract where I was working at the time and if we’re being honest here, my first response was, “you’re making how much money?” I was so intrigued. As I started my research, I knew this was something I wanted to do, not just for the increased pay, but also as an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and see where it could take me.

What was your first assignment like?

I can remember almost completely backing out of my first assignment because I was honestly just terrified of the idea of change. I was so comfortable and established at my current job and I remember questioning why I would leave that. Of course, my assignment went amazingly, I got the idea of how this travel business works, and now here I am almost two years later. I know I would have never taken that first assignment if it wasn’t for my recruiter with trustaff encouraging and comforting me leading up to my start date. I can also say that over the past two years, nothing has changed. I know that my recruiter is only a text away and will always have my back no matter what.

What is your favorite thing about travel nursing?

My favorite thing about travel nursing is honestly just getting the opportunity to meet new people and learn how different hospitals and health organizations operate. It’s a continuous growing experience in my career and also my personal life. Secondly, I love the flexibility it has provided for me to travel in between assignments without having to request time off or worry about a vacation getting approved. I have been able to go on multiple mission trips over the past two years, including a month trip to Africa this past February.

What would you say is the hardest part? And how do you overcome that?

I think the hardest part of travel nursing is just establishing yourself when you start a new assignment. It can be easy to be a little intimidated when arriving at a new floor, or unfamiliar floor that strays from your past experience. On top of that, you’re trying to quickly pick up a new charting system potentially and maybe a different workflow. It can be extremely overwhelming at times. I find that it’s easiest to overcome this by not being afraid to ask questions. It’s ok to be a student again for a second and will also give you an opportunity to get to know your new coworkers.

How many assignments have you taken and where?

I have taken five assignments with trustaff. I’ve spent most of my time in Ohio cities including Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus. I am currently on my second assignment in Nashville, TN. Following this assignment, I hope to make it out west!

What advice would you give someone that is thinking about becoming a traveling nurse?

If you’re even considering becoming a travel nurse, I always say, “do it”. No matter how big your adventure may or may not be, the chance to step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and experience a new place is worth it. Don’t doubt yourself or your competency as a nurse. Be confident, be willing to learn, and understand that you don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to enjoy this experience. You can make this what you want, just don’t be afraid to make that first step.

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