5 places to visit in Gillette, WY

If you’ve always longed to see where the buffalo roam, you definitely need to take an assignment in Gillette, Wyoming. Filled with wildlife, nature and plenty of activities, you’ll be lost exploring the wonders of this city. Below are some things you definitely need to check out!

Here are some of the top things our travelers have said you can’t miss during your assignment in Gillette:

  1. Devils Tower National Monument: Forever a part of history for being proclaimed the first national monument, Devils Tower is a sight to behold. Visit this monument during the day or night for equally breathtaking views of the natural wonder. If you’re looking to add a little more excitement to your trip, consider registering to rock climb on the tower!
  2. Rockpile Museum: If you’re looking for the best way to learn about your new home, look no further than the Rockpile Museum. The museum collects history from the surrounding region, but focuses primarily on telling the story and history of those in Campbell County. Stop by to see the rockpile that gives the museum its name and signaled for settlers long ago that they had reached Gillette. You’ll have plenty to explore about the history of this great town.
  3. Wildlife Loop Tour: Have you ever been curious what the Western version of a safari would be like? Look no further than the Wildlife Loop Tour offered in Gillette. During the three hour West Tour or two hour East Tour, you will have the opportunity to see animals such as wild turkeys, eagles, elk and the infamous pronghorns (the form of wildlife whose population outnumbers that of the human citizens in Gillette).

Hungry? Where to eat in Gillette, WY

Something savory

Try the The Prime Rib Restaurant & Wine Cellar. Founded in 1983, it has continued its mission of supplying patrons of Gillette with exceptional food and service. This is a place that not only takes pride in its food, but takes the utmost pride in the people that work for them, adopting the philosophy that “good food does not survive bad service.” You can be confident that you will have an evening of being pampered with great food, wonderful wine and fantastic service.

“We were passing through Gillette, Wyoming. We needed to have a good dinner after being on the road for 10 hours. My wife picked the Prime Rib Restaurant. This place is awesome. Joanne our waitress was phenomenal. Steak was above my expectations. We are going to be back next week.” ~Brian L.

“Prime Rib has always been my “go to” restaurant in Gillette. Whether it’s a professional lunch with colleagues, a place for a nice dinner with my husband, or even a caterer for special events; Prime Rib has always exceeded my expectations. Staff is friendly and food is tasty. I highly recommend their stuffed mushrooms and of course their signature prime rib with their horseradish that will make you cry- literally.” ~Kaycee S.

“Service was amazing. Our server was very kind and knowledgeable of the menu. She promptly answered all of our questions with confidence and the food we received reflected that. We tried the Fried calamari appetizer and it was so delicious. The main course was also amazing. So good I forgot to take a picture. Great atmosphere and a lovely place to go for a night out. Highly recommended.” ~Zippy D.

Something to drink

Enjoy a unique drink at Gillette Brewing Company. Not only a renowned brewery because of its excellent selection, Gillette Brewing Company was also the first microbrewery in Gillette. Located in the old Gillette Post Office in historic downtown, this brewery provides the perfect relaxed atmosphere to visit with friends and family. If you’re hungry while you drink, there is also a small selection of food to choose from!

“This place is phenomenal, the owners are fantastic and so is the food. I come to breweries with my husband, who is a huge beer fan but I am not. I actually thoroughly enjoyed two of the beers, the Longreach and the Thorn Berry and I had two glasses of them when I usually struggle to finish a flight glass. Highly recommended, even if you’re not a huge beer person!” ~Samantha H.

“I always stop by whenever I am in Gillette. Great atmosphere, family friendly, and they have started making their own pizza. Well worth stopping if you are driving through on I-90. They have good creative craft brews on tap. The Locomotive Brown Ale is my favorite!” ~Ali C.

“Great beer, good food, beautiful historic location! A must go!” ~Adrienne M.

What other travelers are saying about Gillette, WY

As you spend more time in Gillette, you’re guaranteed to become increasingly enchanted by the atmosphere of being surrounded by fantastic restaurants and amazing wildlife and nature scenes. Our nurses had amazing things to say about their time while on assignment.

“I’m so glad I took an assignment here. I enjoyed the overall relaxed atmosphere of the city. This was my favorite place to experience by far.”

“I was always a fan of the idea of cowboys when I was growing up. Although I wasn’t cut out to make that my career, I still loved the idea of it. Gillette gave me a chance to experience a city surrounded with nature and wildlife. It was the perfect place for me.”


5 places to visit in Gillette, WY
If you’ve always longed to see where the buffalo roam, you definitely need to take an assignment in Gillette, Wyoming.
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