5 places to visit in Toledo, OH

Located in northern Ohio right on Lake Erie, Toledo is not a place you’ll want to miss. From the banks of the Maumee River to their vibrant downtown, there’s a wide range of activities to enjoy. Our travelers who’ve taken an assignment there shared some of their can’t-miss suggestions.

Here are some of the top things our travelers have said you can’t miss during your assignment in Toledo:

  • Toledo Museum of Art: It’s time to revel in the beauty of art, free of charge! The Toledo Museum of Art has been part of the community for over 200 years and features paintings, sculptures and more for visitors to explore. The museum has earned global recognition for its collection quality, top-notch education programs, and architecturally renowned campus.
  • Hensville: Popularly known as the home of the Toledo Hens, Hensville has so much to offer year-round! With restaurants like Holy Toledo! Tavern and shopping at Swamp Shop, there are countless activities to enjoy in a very small area. This spot includes the Fifth Third Field and Huntington Center, along with other shops. Catch a concert or a baseball, and never get bored by anything to do here!
  • Toledo Farmers Market: On your day off, you have to visit the Toledo Farmers Market. Get lost in a world of flowers, jewelry, fruits and vegetables, and more. There is so much to explore between the numerous vendors, so you’ll definitely want to take your time! The good news is that the market is open year-round on Saturdays (outdoor from May to November and indoor from December to April), so you’ll have plenty of chances to go back.

Hungry? Where to eat in Toledo, OH

Something savory

Visit Maumee Bay Brewing Co. for a meal with a nice, specialty beer. Maumee Bay Brewing Co. is home to a brewery, as well as four different restaurants. Visit The Cafe for delicious breakfast or brunch options, the Maumee Bay Brew Pub or Mutz Sports Bar for beer and pub food or Rockwell’s Steakhouse & Lounge for a fine dining experience.

All of these are housed in the Historic Oliver House, which is also home to the Brewing Hall of Fame and Museum where you can learn all about brewery history in Toledo. It’s the perfect place to visit over and over by yourself or with a group to learn a little, drink (responsibly) and try a new restaurant each time!

  • “Maumee Bay Brew Pub was a really good place to eat. You’re sitting in a place with 160 years of history with pictures of the place throughout that time. The beer was good and the melt burger was great. A huge patty of beef between two grilled cheese sandwiches!! The french fries were fried to a nice crispy goodness that was seasoned nicely! Highly recommend eating here.” ~Brock D.
  • “Great little spot, excellent bloody Mary and the French dip sandwich was amazing. Not to mention the service was impeccable with only 2 servers (one was the bartender) They handled it like a fine dining experience. I’ll be back to get the California Reuben.” ~Jason L.
  • “An absolute dive with great beer, courtyard seating, in a historic building? My kind of place.” ~Zachary H.
  • “Love it. Great atmosphere wonderful service excellent food! Highly recommend!! Yum.” ~Heather W.

Something sweet

Expand your palate at So Sweet Lebanese & French Pastries. Ever wanted to try fresh and authentic Lebanese and French pastries? Look no further than So Sweet! There is a large assortment of fresh French Cakes and Macarons to enjoy, as well as some Middle Eastern sweets like baklava.

If you’re so impressed that you need to share, you can even ship gift boxes of baklava anywhere in the United States! So Sweet Lebanese and French Pastries is an awesome place to try new things without going across the ocean!

  • “Hands down the best place in town for sweets!! I thoroughly enjoy coming in and seeing all of the crazy things they come up with. Also, they have the kindest and most helpful staff! They are so good, they will be catering the desserts for me and my fiance’s wedding. Oh, and making the centerpiece cake!!” ~Stephen B.
  • “A-MA-ZING! I’ve never had a Cannoli or a Macaroon before and these are the first. And now I’m hooked. Can’t wait to go back. This place is a hidden gem of Toledo! More people need to know about the greatness within the 4 walls here!” ~Brian D.
  • “Lovely selection of goodies from baklava to french maracons and cheesecake. Gorgeous presentation. Was pleasantly surprised to find a welcoming seating area to relax and enjoy a coffee. We had a short meeting at the back table. (The macaron and coffee were delicious!)” ~Kerri B.

What other travelers are saying about Toledo, OH

Not only will you love where you’re working, but you’ll also love where you’re living when you take an assignment in Toledo. The area has something to offer for every type of personality. You’ll wish you could stay forever (which of course, you could)!

“I was really surprised by Toledo. I had never given much thought to the state of Ohio, so I wasn’t sure how I would like my assignment there. It was really great to be around people that love their city, and I have a special place in my heart for Toledo now.”

“My first assignment was in Toledo, and I’m really glad it was. My coworkers were awesome, and I loved where I was at. The city was really cool and I got to do a lot of different things while I was there. I even extended my assignment because I wasn’t ready to leave yet. Toledo felt like home.”


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5 places to visit in Toledo, OH
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