5 things to do in New Haven, CT

This little state has a lot to offer—including the super-charming city of New Haven. Our nurses always enjoy the chance to explore this city and meet some great people, and it’s become one of our top travel nursing destinations for a very good reason!

Here are some of the top things our travelers have said you can’t miss during your assignment in New Haven:

  • East Rock Park: If you’re looking for somewhere free to relax and unwind, take a trip to East Rock Park. The park offers a breathtaking view of the Long Island Sound and the harbor. You can pack your lunch to eat at one of the picnic facilities or spend time exploring the nature trails and bird sanctuaries.
  • Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library: Three Beinecke brothers donated to build this magnificent library at Yale to be a source of learning and inspiration. The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library is the world’s largest library dedicated to (you guessed it) rare books and manuscripts. Book stacks are glass-enclosed and reach six stories tall, holding about 180,000 volumes. You’ll feel like Hermione in Hogwarts!
  • College Street Music Hall: Offering a variety of different shows, the College Street Music Hall is a great venue to keep an eye on. Offering comedy, music, and other types of performances, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the arts while staying in New Haven. The tickets vary in price, so it works for many different budgets!

Hungry? Where to eat in New Haven, CT

Something savory

If you’re in the mood for delicious Italian food, look no further than Consiglio’s on Wooster. For over 80 years, Consiglio’s has offered the community of New Haven classic Italian food. This restaurant has been in the family for four generations and offers some unique experiences rather than just lunch or dinner.

If you’re in the mood for something different, check out their Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. When you fall in love with their food, learn to make it yourself with their cooking classes!

  • “Amazing meal, start to finish. Our waitress was extremely friendly and attentive, and the food was spectacular. Every bite tasted better than the one before. My only regret is that I ate it all and didn’t leave room for dessert.” -Frank A.
  • “We come down from Middlebury to savor the delicious traditional Italian food prepared at this eatery. Great seafood/pasta dishes! I enjoy the cavatelli dishes… just like my grandma’s. Looking forward to the murder mystery nights coming up. You have got to try the calamari app. Made this our #1 restaurant.” -Peter T.
  • “The food was outstanding, and the service stellar. Wonderful apps and entrees. The veal champagne was absolutely delicious. Tender veal and fresh shrimp. We were a large group and our waitress Sarah was fantastic. Knowledgeable and friendly. A great meal and a great time was had by all.” -Mary M.

Something sweet

If you’re ready for some Italian dessert, stop over at Lucibello’s Italian Pastry Shop. Owned and operated by the Faggio family for the past 60 years, Lucibello’s delivers authentic and delicious Italian treats. You’ll be able to taste the artistry and dedication in each pastry. Stop in for a cannoli or cream puff, or order a cake for a special occasion!

  • “The best of the best, Wooster St is known for the best pizza and if you go to New Haven for pizza you should also be heading a block over to Lucibello’s for anything in the Italian pastry world. I’ll give you a heads up, they are NOT one of the hipster spots for 9 dollar cupcakes. They are an authentic bakery with high quality pastry and service. Wish I had a single item to recommend but it’s an easy and sometimes not so easy pick when everything is so good!!” -Danny T.
  • “We sought out Italian bakeries all over the area and Lucibello’s is absolutely the best. Amazingly delicious baked goods, delicate and complex flavors made with love, care and high quality ingredients. This is now an official stop whenever we are in the area. Meraviglioso!” -Brendan D.
  • They are the best…… There is no contender near or far to the quality and authenticity of Lucibello’s. Peter is immaculate, meticulous, and stands true to Italian tradition. You will have to go to Amalfi for anything even CLOSE.” -Francine M.

What other travelers are saying about New Haven, CT

New Haven is a quaint town that offers visitors restaurants and businesses that are established in the community. Because of that, you’ll experience people who know the town like the back of their hand and take pride in what they’re able to offer you. Don’t be afraid to ask the natives where to visit too because they’ll be more than happy to let you in on their secrets!

“I stayed for over 8 months! I loved the unit and my coworkers were fantastic. It’s beautiful, especially in the fall.”

“It was fun to be in a community where so many places have been open for decades. I liked that a lot of places have been handed down through the family. Lots to explore in what I was expecting to be a sleepy town.”

“All I knew about New Haven was the Yale campus. Yale was a big part of the community, but I liked getting to explore and visit the Long Island Sound. Made for some pretty nice picnics and chances to wind down after a long day.”

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