And our second Bucket List Bingo winner is…

Drum roll please…

We officially have a second place winner for trustaff’s Bucket List Bingo contest! Congratulations to Annie D.!

Annie checked off all the boxes down the right side of her card and earned herself a $500 prize.

Below, take a look at her Bingo-winning photos that she shared on her Instagram account by tagging #trustafftraveler and learn a bit more about her.

Our third place prize (cash!) is still up for grabs, so take a look at your board and get some ideas for your next entry!

Hi, I’m Annie! I’ve been in healthcare since I was 17 years old and a traveling nurse for the past 7 years.

I’m currently on my 20th travel assignment and I love seeing the differences in the nursing world around the country!

What make you decide to go into the medical field?

I started out as an aide when I was 17 yrs old in one of the hardest nursing homes in my town. It started out as just a job to move out of my parent’s home and feed my baby of 3 months, but grew into so much more little did I know it would mold my career and turn me into who I am today.

I worked my way up the ladder from the bottom to where I am now in my career. I currently attend WGU for my MSN in nursing education. I have found my passion and I could not imagine doing anything else. My career path that has grabbed me and drug me down at times, but gives me the greatest joy.

Its been 30 years since I started this journey and I can honestly say it still gives me the warmest joy inside and out to know I’ve helped my patients heal and educated them and given them the tools to continue a healthy journey of their own.


Why did you become a traveler?

Travel nursing is like being on vacation and only going to the office 3 days a week to continue my funds for my adventures. I love exploring my surroundings seeing all this wonderful world has to offer in its beauty and glory. I started this adventure just to get away from my town I’d never left because I couldn’t afford to take a vacation. I wanted to see the differences in the nursing world from all around the country.

Learning how nursing is implemented in the different areas and cultures is so fascinating to me. I couldn’t imagine ever taking a regular staff job again. I’ve been traveling for about 7 years I’m on my 20th travel assignment and thanks to Rich I am pursuing a lifelong dream of seeing the world on my own terms and enjoying every minute of my time.

How long have you been traveling with trustaff?

I have traveled with trustaff for the last 3 years and Rich Schulok is the most amazing recruiter I have ever gotten to work with. Rich always has my back no matter what and always tells me I’m awesome. I love this man for all his hard work and faith in me… thank you for all your confidence in me. Together we make an amazing team on my adventures.

Tell us about your Bucket List Bingo board!

1.) Yale Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut, I absolutely loved seeing this art gallery it was my last square to fill. I took my Sunday drive to the art gallery after arriving in Pennsylvania a week early.

2.) Donating blood at the local blood bank… this was a surprising treat. The staff at the blood bank in Pikeville, KY were so excited to know I am a traveler for filling a BINGO square and I chose them to complete this activity. I learned a lot about places to see and the culture in this area of Kentucky.

3.) Meeting my recruiter… now this was a treat to put a face to the voice I had spoken to so many times for the past 3 years. Rich and I have shared so many stories about my adventures and his over the past few years. It was nice for him to treat me to lunch, he is such an amazing person.

4.) Hiking on my day off….. A co-worker from Dayton, Ohio took me on a hike to complete this square. It was a hot day, but we had fun. Jeanie will forever be a lifelong friend, she rented me her basement for a great price, she is such a lifesaver.

5.) Completing assignment in Ohio… I spent 6 months in Ohio it was an interesting assignment. I had my ups and downs about Ohio, but not because of staff or the floor I worked. I was healing from the death of my late husband from a fatal motorcycle accident. The friendships I made in Ohio I will carry forever and a day. The people of Ohio helped heal my broken heart and I will never forget them.

What advice would you give to your fellow traveling nurses?

Advice to my fellow travelers… enjoy yourself, explore take chances, and above all else have fun you only live once.

Congratulations Annie! Keep up the great work and keep exploring!

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