Happy recruiter appreciation day!

It takes a special kind of person to be a recruiter. It’s not an easy job. We ask our friends on Facebook to share the names of some great recruiter they’ve worked with – regardless of what agency they work with!

We got an incredible amount of responses! We were so happy to see a ton of love for recruiters all over the country. We collected them all here so these amazing recruiters will know what their hard work is noticed and appreciate.



Shout out to my recruiter, Matt Smith! He’s done a good job so far! Appreciate your enthusiasm and kindness! Keep up the good work! – Virgina F.

I joined trustaff in April 2016 and had a couple different recruiters during my 1st assignment that are not with them anymore for various reasons.

But for my last & current contracts I’ve had the best of the best… Marisa Pettinella! She is easy to talk to on the phone and sends me texts… some of them by mistake.. but it makes me laugh bc I can totally relate! She always keeps me updated on what’s coming up or needs done, & works hard to get me the contracts I’m most interested in… and a top rate of pay! I’ve had several other travel companies contact me but I always decline their offers because of Marisa! – Rachel R.

I have been with Sondra Ryle for over 2 years now. She has gotten me jobs no one else could get me. She knows what I want/need and gets the job done! Thanks Sondra for everything you’ve done for me!! – Kelley S.

I just want my recruiter Tonya Campbell to know that she does an amazing job, so attentive to details. Takes time to know her nurses personally and is a true asset to trustaff. – Shell Gutierrez

One of the worst things that a person can have happen happened to me this week, it turned out well but I gotta share: everyday we read people asking for a good recruiter. After the hell i have been through this week there’s NO WAY I would or could ask for a better one! Pamela Thomayer has been checking on me multiple times a day either a call or email. I read what people say about trustaff and then compare it to all their gift certificates, presents etc but let me tell you. When they care more about what is going on with horrible situations than your family seems to- there’s not enough I can say! Hearing her voice Wednesday afternoon and her words of encouragement…… thank you! There aren’t enough words for my gratitude. – Jen N.

I’m an older traveler and have been at this since 2005. Shawn Arthur is by far one of my favorite recruiters I’ve had the pleasure working with. He’s ex military so he’s disciplined. Shawn always gives me options to consider and is always available. Travel nursing has changed…..in other words, greedy with the larger companies. trustaff is just the right size remembering, it’s the nurses that make the organization function well, not the CEO,s. I’m not moving. I’m happy and look forward to many more travels with Shawn and trustaff. – Sandee S

I traveled for two years with trustaff before, stopped for family. I am now getting started back with recruiter, Harry Wittenberg. I think he deserves an acknowledgement from me since he does have to deal with me. So far, I couldn’t ask for anyone better. He’s always eager to help. He’s always around if I needed anything or had questions. Thank you, Harry! And happy recruiter’s day on Tuesday! – Jennifer B.

I had the best recruiter an RN could ask for. Russell DeMann with trustaff was exceptional at his job. He went above and beyond to make a less than great assignment better. The only reason I continued to renew my contract was because I knew Russell had my back and my best interest at heart. He took my concerns and complaints seriously. He checked in with me on a regular basis and made sure all my questions were answered in a timely manner. – Jasmine M.

Corey Kellner at trustaff, you totally rock! !!!! Love you girl!!!! – Cindy L.

Heather Bors trustaff!! – Cristy A.

trustaff has always been far to me. Love working with them and I have the sweetest recruiter. Always calling and checking on me. Great company to work for. Thanks Samantha!! – Chris S.

A very Happy Recruiters Day to Ken Albers!! He does a great job. He is always available via phone txt or email, and if he is busy he gets back to me promptly. He always goes out of his way to help answer my questions and resolve issues, and when he can’t… he immediately gets me in touch with someone who can help me. He is a treasure!! Love working with him!! June 5 is your day Ken, you should be very proud of the work you do! – Debra H.

I want to praise my recruiter Chuck Logsdon. He is always pleasant and tolerant to my procrastinating nature. If I see a job I want listed somewhere else he goes the extra mile to get it for me. I have been with Chuck for many years and have stopped using other companies. Thanks Chuck for your patience over the years. – Lynn T.

I love my recruiters Pamela and Lawryn. They are very helpful and friendly. Treat me like family. – Yvonne C.

I have been with trustaff since last August, they are always there for me when I need them, I just wanted say a great thanks to Cindy Hunter and my new recruiter Roxann , and also to the rest of the team that helps me , could not do it without all of you. Travel nursing has really changed my life thanks so much. – Brandi T.

Chuck Logsdon is by far the best recruiter ever!! He really goes the extra mile to take care of my travel nursing needs. I’m so lucky to have him as my recruiter. – Valerie G.

Absolutely love my recruiter Katie Dils!!! Katie is such a down to earth person and she is so attentive. There has never, in over 4 years that I have not been able to get in contact with her. She is such a HUGE asset to trustaff. I could not imagine traveling without having her with me on my team. Thank you so much Katie for everything you do! – Alex S.

I have traveled with many different companies in the past 12+ years and have returned to trustaff because of my recruiter Jerry Helfrich. He knows me and knows what I am looking for without having to tell him. He has a naturally easy demeanor and easy to talk to. He provides the support and action needed to secure the right assignment every time! Thanks for all your hard work Jerry! – Cari L.

Your own Brendan “the ginger” Peterman. He puts his all into it. – Cathy H.

Jennifer Zerhusen is my champion! She listens to understand, she guides me, and she supports me in my decisions (whether she agrees with me or not) I know she works hard to meet my traveling needs and she definitely makes Travel Nursing so much easier for me!!! I have never traveled with another agency and she is the reason why!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!! – Hiedi Jo D.

I appreciate Lucinda Tursi more than she will ever know. Just working so hard to get me where I needed to be!!! Perfect. – Erica T.

Karen Hardy is the best! I know that I have been a challenge to say the least, but she has hung in there with me! When I left trustaff she welcomed me back and worked aggressively to get me the contract exactly where I needed and wanted to be! She has listened to me and I know that has not been easy! She made this work for me and my family and I will be forever grateful to her for that! Thank you Karen for everything that you have done for me! – Angela J.

Stephen James, and Marcia Blythe, are awesome! They go way beyond to make sure every assignment is amazing for me! Someday I would like to go to the Boca Raton office, to meet them, thank them and give them a hug! – Pam C.

Wes Perez rocks! He checks up on me more than once a week. I highly recommend Wes Perez, he doesn’t get enough credit on how great he truly is. Thanks for everything Wes! – Nancy M.

My recruiter Emily Carey takes great care of me. She’s always so quick to respond to my needs or concerns and tries hard to get me where I want to go. – Stevie M.

Harry Wittenberg is the best. He is always available to help when I need it. His positive attitude makes working with him a pleasure. He always works hard to get me the contracts I want. I have never used another agency and I will continue to use trustaff with Harry Wittenberg as my recruiter. He is amazing!!!!! – Michelle W.

First of all I would like to say that I was forced into travel nursing because I think I had too much experience. After moving to another state I couldn’t get a job no matter how I tried. I remembered that I had been contacted by Trustaff awhile back before I moved, but wasn’t interested in traveling nursing at that time. The person that contacted me was Rick Van Hook. I learned that trustaff didn’t care about age or anything about the amount of years under my belt. We all know how corporate America works. No need to explain that. Hey, active license and in good standing, I had a job. Anyway to make a long story short I applaud my recruiter, Rick Van Hook. Rick is very knowledgeable about travel nursing and I never have to worry if I will get a call back. He and his staff is Johnny on the Spot. Rick always comes through for me. He doesn’t leave you hanging by yourself when you are out on assignment. Any problems he takes care of it right away. Very dependable recruiter. He always goes the extra mile of the way for his nurses. I just want to tell my recruiter Thank You and your staff that has assisted me. Thank you and the staff for always having my back. – Linda P.

Emily Carey thank you so much I love what I do. – Donna A.

Kudos to Adam Donovan and Alex Thocker in the OH office. They’re over the top in helping me with my new contract. – Ellen A.

I have been with trustaff since 2011. My recruiter, Jerry, acquired me as his traveler just a week after I started my first contract. I was very uneasy about the change since I had initially started with someone who apparently didn’t share with me that he was going to be gone. That being said, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Jerry has been my rock and my support throughout all of my experiences, both good and bad. He has the ability to make everything seem clearer for me in the midst of my never-ending chaos! I know that whatever happens, he is always there to offer support, guidance and friendship through all of my crazy decisions! You’re the best JERRY and I’m grateful to have you in my corner. – Michelle G.

Harry Wittenberg was my recruiter. He was the best of the best. He always answer my phone calls or returned my calls timely. Got me a great rate for my contract. He treated me like I mattered to the company. I would recommend the company to CNAs anytime. – Amanda H.

Heather Bors and Mandy Lindsey are my recruiters and as a first time traveler, I have not been disappointed. Both women were and continue to be informative and reassuring as to my expectations and concerns. Grant you, my first assignment wasn’t ideal, but both Heather and Mandy checked on me constantly throughout the assignment reassuring me that they would be ready to move me at my first request. Now that’s what I’m talking about!!! Mandy continues to provide me with weekly updates and even calls to check on me when I’m on vacation. Thanks you two!!!! EJ – Ebbie J.


Love you Sonia Lederman Coers of ADEX! Always fair and honest! See you in August when we go pack to Pa! – Colleen B.


Angela Poor from atlas medstaff!! Always getting me great assignments, great places, great pay packages!! She truly helped us get out of some financial difficulties!! She likes my hubs too!!! Lol! – Harley O.

Eric Scheid at Atlas thanks for rescuing me from LTC!!!! – Dawn M.


Chris Goldsberry Aureus Medical-always takes care of me and has my back. I’ve done 4, maybe more assignments with her. – Gail L.

Christian Cooper Aya Healthcare & Walter Reed Aureus Medical Group – Joey C.

Andy Hile Aureus. Thanks for being there !! – Cindy C.


Matt Marcus RNetwork and Kara Anderson – Aya – Valarie B.

Oliver Frings @ Aya – Sheila G.


Jessica Franson (Fusion Medical Staffing) has been the best after 3 yrs & is now moving up in the company! Congrats but will miss you!!!! – Pat E.

Tony Korth fusion Medical is the bomb!!! – Cindy B.


Johnny Oien-LRS! – Susan M.


Jessica Sauser. Medical Solutions ❤ Thank you for caring about me as a person and not just a client. – Lynda P.


Jake Brower atlas Medstaff! – Flona C.


Jason Michael @ OneStaff! He’s always there for me! Patience of a saint to put up with me – Wendy


John Logan Marshall IV at PPR!!!!!!! – Gina D.

It was Jennifer (PPR), now it’s Kayla Noel with PPR. <3 <3 <3 PPR and highly recommend them. I’m so appreciative for the work that they do. – Paula A.


Lauren M Rosen at Republic Health Resources. She is one of the few people I know that works harder than I do. She is on it. She always has me covered. Simply the best in the business. – Rodney H.


Ora DeVito RNNetwork awesome! – Linda R.


Chris Payne at RTG medical. Thank you for all u do. Could not have done it without you. You rock – Deb J.

Joseph Steiner RTG Med, has the patience of a Saint and responds super fast! Plus he’s a really nice guy 👍🏻 – Kristine Z.


Linda Robinson. Springboard – Lisa H.


Ellen Russo MacDowell -SHC Boston !!! Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do – Cheryl S.


David Dawson..Titan Medical Group – Joey C.


Cameron Jeglum with TotalMed. He is a sweetheart! Works hard to get you what you want! Happy Recruiter Day, Cam! – Connie W.


Kristie Hooper: Stat Staff & Steve Turner: TNAA – Lori N.

Tana Babcock with Travel Nurses Across America is an awesome recruiter and a true friend! – Teresa B.

Love Love Love Nicole Baldwin TNAA – Nola R.

Suzanne Farrington TNAA absolutely the best 🎈👍 – Sharain J.

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