Meet our Clinical Liaison team!

Meet our Clinical Liaison team! Not only are they all licensed Registered Nurses, but most of them were travelers just like you! They understand processes, emotions, and adventures that come with being a traveler. These ladies are one of your many resources here at trustaff and available to help in any situation! If you ever have any concerns getting ready for an assignment or after you’ve already started, they’re here to listen and step in when necessary to ensure you have a successful assignment. There’s a good chance you will hear from one of them while you’re on assignment so we thought you should get to know them a bit more!

There are a lot of things you may talk to your liaison about, but here are just a few:

  • Concerns with nurse/patient ratio
  • Clinical practices
  • Medication practices
  • Safety concerns

  • Kathryn Mullins, BSN, RN, Clinical Operations Manager

    Katie is the head of our Clinical Liaison team here at trustaff. She has been a RN for over 15 years with experience in cardiac, transplant, and med/surg ICU. She was a fellow travel nurse early on in her career working at several facilities across the country. While working in the ICU, she was heavily involved in patient safety, particularly alarm fatigue, nurse fatigue, and medication administration safety. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing as well as Psychology. Katie’s skills and experiences have given her a great foundation as a clinical advisor and we’re lucky to have her.

    Cat Freeman, MSN, RN, Clinical Liaison

    Meet Cat! She’s been a RN for over 18 years, working mostly in pediatric burns, orthopedics, and urology. She also has experience in adult cardiac, med/surg, and ICU. Cat spent some time as a travel nurse around the Midwest, specifically Ohio. She has a Master’s of Science in Nursing and an Education concentration. Cat also has experience as a Clinical Instructor before transitioning into her role as a Clinical Liaison. She loves meeting new travelers and remediating between facility, traveler, and recruiter.

    Bev Tackett, RN, Clinical Liaison

    Next we have Bev! She’s been a RN for over 20 years working in L&D, post-partum, GI, med/surg, and home care nursing. For over 10 years, she’s also been a certified legal nurse consultant. Bev was a trustaff traveler! She took her first assignment in Yuba City, California and she was hooked. She worked with us for years before finally going perm. Luckily when she started looking for a new adventure, we were able to snag her as one of our Clinical Liaisons. Now Bev is a resource for you to discuss any concerns and help resolve them.

    Beth Smith, BSN, RN, Clinical Liaison

    Beth is a RN with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, but is currently pursuing her Master’s as well. Her primary specialties are pediatrics and L&D. She also has experience working as a clinical adjunct advisor for nursing students during their obstetric rotation and as a clinical research nurse administering research medications to patients, both in a hospital setting and as a contract nurse. Beth’s very familiar with the world of travel nursing. She was a traveler for three years exploring new cities and learning new ways to practice. That also means she’s aware of the difficulties that come as a traveler and is ready to help you overcome any issues that may arise and help ensure you have a successful assignment.

    Ashley Laudermilk, MSN, RN, Clinical Liaison

    Meet Ashley! She’s been in the industry for over 13 years and has her Master’s degree in Nursing. Ashley has worked in the ICU and Emergency department as well as supervisory and management roles, but ICU has her heart. She started working ICU as a new grad and fell in love immediately. Her favorite parts were caring for and witnessing the amazing recovery of patients. She also credits it for her growing as a nurse with valuable lessons of critical thinking and clinical skills. Throughout her years in the industry, she collaborated with some incredible nurses and providers and implemented new initiatives into practice such as SBIRT screenings in the ED, ESI 4/5 throughput, voluntary detox process for ED and inpatient.

    Your success is our priority

    Our Clinical Liaisons make trustaff go round and ensure the best experience possible for both our travelers and our facility partners. Never hesitate to reach out if you’re in a situation where you’d like assistance or advice. You can reach them by emailing or calling in to the office. They are experts in their position and are able to jump in quickly to help. We can’t thank them enough for all of their hard work and dedication to trustaff.

    Check out Katie’s story of a nurse who influenced her life!

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