Real Nurses. Real Talk.

Each day during nurse’s week, we asked our social media followers one simple question about their career as a traveling nurse. We were so incredibly inspired by the responses, we couldn’t just leave them. We wanted to share them with you all. Take a look at just a sample of the amazing stories we heard throughout the week.

Why did you go into the medical field?

“To make a difference in my life and the life of others. I’ve been a nurse for twenty one years. Nursing has taught me how fragile our lives are. Live life to the fullest. Be grateful, be humble, show compassion, be kind, embrace new experiences, get out of your comfort zone, fight for what you believe in, relax, have fun, enjoy, serve, serve, serve and serve.”
– Lisa G.

“After helping take care of my great grandmother in her last few years of life with dementia, I decided I wanted a career helping others in a similar way. I started out as a patient care tech and went on to become a registered nurse. There are so many ups and downs with this career(sometimes more downs), but the joy you see when you have made a difference makes it all worth it.”
– Jessica W.

“I was inspired by my mom and older sister who are both also nurses. Nursing is in my blood! Having the ability to care for others when they need it most brightens my days”
– Isabelle L.

“As a child my dream was to become a Nurse. My grandmother passed when I was 28 it was her dying wish for me to become a Nurse. She passed in May of 1989 I started nursing school in August of that year. I became the caring nurse that I set out to be in order to provide LOVE, comfort and the appropriate care that my patients need as the care that my dear grandmother received before she passed.”
– Theresa S.

“My aunt, uncle, cousin and sister are all nurses. We are a family that believes in service to others. I became a nurse to be there for people when they are unable to care for themselves. I love making smile and laugh when they are not at their best. I believe it helps the soul.”
– Melisa J.

“I’ve always enjoyed helping people and volunteering my time for others. I wanted to choose a career that gave back to my community. So I decided to become a nurse. As a nurse, you meet people from all walks of life. It takes a strong person and a good heart to take care of the many different people we as nurses care for. I’m a proud nurse and glad to be fulfilling my roll as an RN!”
– Keachana D.

What is the best part of being a traveler?

“The best part of my being a traveler is meeting new people and making awesome friends across the country!”
– Lisa R.

“The best part is simply the experiences!! Every plane, car ride, train whatever to a new location, new roommates or neighbors, meeting people I never would have met otherwise, working with so many amazing and diverse patient populations…. and the schedule, flexibility, and freedom doesn’t hurt either. It’s all good as a traveler ❤”
– Amanda E.

“The BEST part about travel nursing is:
1. Meeting new people & making lasting friendships
2. TRAVELING (duh) & exploring new places
3. Becoming a well rounded nurse! 👩🏼‍⚕️

I’m new to this, but so far, I LOVE it!”
– Kayla J.

“The best part of being a traveler is being able to visit places I would have never been able to see. Being able to be close to my granddaughter, who lives 1050 miles from my home. Making new friends. Being financially able to both travel and save for my retirement.”
– Denise B.

“I love seeing new places and meeting new people. It’s always great to learn new things and possibly be able to teach someone something I’ve learned from my travels.”
Miranda W.

“What I find the best about travel nursing is seeing parts our country that I would not get too see, also the wonderful cultures I am exposed to the friendships I have made through the years of traveling. The exposer to different nursing modalities I am exposed to some great some maybe not. The travel experience is priceless.”
– Kelly H.

“The best part of being a traveler is to meet new people, see new places, experience new culture all the while doing what I do best 👩🏻‍⚕️ . Because I started out as an International nurse, I get the chance to travel the entire USA 🇺🇸 🥰🥰🥰 I’ve worked in the Philippines 🇵🇭 and Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 before and this is a whole new adventure to me.”
– Kar E.

“Making new friends, learning new ways different hospitals do thing. Meeting other races of people and learning their customs and what is important to them. And being able to experience new places history and being able to enjoy it while you work.”
– Donna A.

What prompted you to start a career as a traveling nurse?

“I had tried travel nursing several and had an awesome experience but decided to take a permanent position at home hoping things had changed. I soon found out they hadn’t but stayed to be near my grandchildren. They noticed I wasn’t happy at work knowing how much I love nursing they urged me to start traveling again that that’s when I seemed happiest. They were right I have never felt so much appreciation by coworkers as I have traveling. The feeling that I can help ease the burden on my fellow nurses by coming in and picking up some of the load is the best feeling. I have learned something and taught something with every assignment. I hope I can continue this roll until I retire. Thank you for the opportunity trustaff.”
– Debra G.

“I had worked at the same small town hospital for years and needed a change. Best decision I have made! Love being a trustaff Traveler!”
– Samantha L.

“I was fed up, burned out, and really sick of the politics where I was working. I was teaching nursing school on weekdays and I had to pick up shifts at the hospital on weekends to make ends meet. One day I was sitting at my desk completely exhausted, trying to find a better way. A travel nursing ad just happened to pop up-literally- in front of me. Seemed like an answer from the Universe! One phone call and one awesome recruiter later I was on my way. Money, travel, new friends—and no politics!! I love it ❤”
Judy C.

“I met a couple of travel nurses and was enticed by the freedom of traveling and the money. So here I am three years later and loving it.”
– Mary A.

“I have always been interested in travel nursing because I love traveling to new places. After 6 years of nursing in a small local hospital, I decided to take the leap because I wanted to see and experience new things in nursing. I have already learned so many new things since I have started traveling this year.”
– Erin A.

“I started travel nursing because I wanted the opportunity to branch out and network , I’ve met some awesome people thus far. I’ve also learn so much since making the change . Definitely, one of the best decisions ever. !”
Tonya Y.