What to see in Lewiston, Maine while on assignment

Lewiston, Maine is the second largest city in the state and it is definitely a beautiful place to visit. With amazing outdoor adventures and fabulous restaurants, you’ll always have something to do.

We did a little research and found some fun options for traveling nurses to do on their days off out in Lewiston.

What to do in Lewiston, Maine:

    1. Go for a picnic at Cherry Pond: Bring a picnic with you to watch the sunset over Cherry Pond. The view is absolutely amazing and it’s the perfect combination of sandy beach, cool water, and quiet relaxation.
    2. See the wildlife at the Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary: When you need some time outside of the city, go take a hike through the 372-acres of Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary. You get to experience all sorts of wildlife, but that’s not it. Go cross-country skiing, sledding, skating, geocaching, mountain biking, and so much more. It’s a great place to take your furry travel companions for an afternoon outdoors.
    3. Appreciate the art at Lewiston-Auburn College Atrium Art Gallery: All year the Lewiston-Auburn College Atrium Art Gallery features paintings, photography, sculptures, drawings, and contemporary crafts from Maine’s artists. Another bonus, it’s completely free. It’s located on the University of Southern Maine’s beautiful campus.

Where to eat in Lewiston, Maine: The Olive Branch Cafe

For a nice healthy, delicious meal, visit The Olive Branch Cafe. Their menu is packed full of amazing options from plant-based burgers, salads, quesadillas, and more. The even have classes to help educate their community on the importance of quality, healthy food.

Where to get some sweets: Maine Gourmet Chocolates

There are so many options for sweet treats at Maine Gourmet Chocolates. They have cheesecake pops, cheesecake stuffed/dipped strawberries, truffle stuffed/dipped strawberries, dipped strawberries, cake pops/bombs, truffle cups with fresh strawberries and balsamic spheres, chocolate shot glasses and more. Is your mouth watering? Cause ours are.

We asked our travelers for some feedback on the area to share with you and here’s what they had to say:

“Lewiston is kind of settled in a valley… small town charm it’s really not far from Coeur d’Alene which is one of the prettiest areas in the world and farther north is priest lake and sandpoint that have tons of outdoor stuff, lakes, rivers etc.”

“Lots to do if you like to ski, snowmobile (go north) Lots to do in Portland, ME (looove it there, approx. 1 hour south of there). It gets cold so bring a jacket, but it’s beautiful here.”

Have you been to Lewiston, Maine? Tell us what you thought!

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