New: Upload your timesheet online!

Great news, travelers—sending in your weekly hours just got even easier!

When you’re on assignment, few things are more important than making sure your paycheck is on time. But to get paid on time, we need your timesheet on time! We’re excited to announce it’s now easier than ever to turn them in even while you’re on the go, especially from your smartphone.

Log in to your my.trustaff account and click the ‘Timesheets’ tab at the top. Using the Upload feature is the quickest way to get your paperwork straight to the trustaff Payroll department. Both you and your recruiter will get a unique confirmation number confirming that it was submitted, and we’ll be in touch if there are any questions.

It works great from a mobile device like a smartphone, so snap a nice, clear picture of your timesheet at the end of the week and upload away!

Insider tips

• The best way to submit your time is through your my.trustaff account
• Once your file has reached us safely, you’ll get an email with a unique confirmation number
• Refer to this number if you have issues or questions
• If you don’t receive a confirmation number, your upload was not successful

Not sure if this applies to you? Each facility has different timekeeping methods, so follow the instructions you were given at the beginning of your assignment. If you ever have questions, just ask your recruiter and they’ll point the way!

Go to my.trustaff
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