trustaff celebrates our 15th anniversary

Last month, trustaff celebrated more than fifteen years in business. This milestone is not just another tick on the timeline, but a moment to pause and look back on how far we’ve come, thank the people who’ve shared in our journey, and prepare for the next fifteen years.

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating a decade—where has the time gone!

It’s the people that matter

We’re in the people business, and it’s not only the people that make it all happen, but also who make it worthwhile.

“Over these last fifteen years, we’ve helped thousands of people secure their next job. That big picture of what we’re accomplishing every day—it really means something,” muses Doug Dean, trustaff President.

“Not only are you helping people earn a paycheck for their family, you’re helping shape the next phase of their life. And for our clients, we’re helping them find the people they need to succeed.”

“It’s a uniquely personal responsibility, and at the same time very rewarding,” Doug continues. “What better feeling than sending someone out for the first day of their dream job or ensuring a facility has the staff they need to care for a patient in crisis? I can tell you firsthand, there’s nothing else like it.”

“We’re grateful to be surrounded by great people: the best professionals, the best client partners, the best internal team. We wouldn’t be where we are without them, without the great relationships we’ve built, and without that critical trust and loyalty.”

The history of trustaff

In the early 2000s, trustaff’s founding partners recognized a growing need for healthcare professionals to step in and cover unexpected staffing shortages.

Not only was there a deficit of skilled professionals on the horizon, but employers would need help quickly and they would need to be ready to hit the ground running. With just four employees manning our very first office, trustaff delved head first into the world of healthcare recruiting and staffing.

How we got here

That small operation didn’t last long! Both trustaff and the industry took off during the following five years, and we expanded both our office space and our staff to keep pace with the times. As our travelers grew, so did our experience.

That strong foundation in healthcare also allowed us the flexibility to grow in other areas of recruiting and staffing, including the formation of trustaff Executive Search, our sister company CardioSolution, and the addition of more nationwide locations, including our office in Boca Raton, Florida.

Our Executive Search team was named the area’s Largest Search Firm for four consecutive years and today places hundreds of direct-hire professionals each year in a wide range of industries from legal and finance to pulp & paper and engineering.

What’s next for trustaff

It’s been fifteen years of sweat and tears, but also of excitement, exploration, and success.

“We’re thrilled that we’ve not only grown so much year-over-year, but that we’ve been able to maintain that level of growth over time,” commented Bryan Rutherford, Director of Operations, while discussing our recent honor as an eight-time Fast 55 Finalist.

With our recent move in to our new Cincinnati office, ongoing recognition of our growth and success, and the best travelers in the business holding down the fort, trustaff’s future is looking brighter than ever.

Thanks to everyone who has shared in a part of our journey. Whether that was as a traveler, job seeker, client, vendor, part of our incredible team of employees, or as a family member or friend, we appreciate your contributions and your support.

Congratulations and here’s to fifteen fantastic more years!

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