#trustaffTraveler Spotlight: Paul R.

We would like to introduce you to Paul. He has been a #trustafftraveler for a long time—40 assignments to be exact!

Recruiter Emily Carey has been so impressed by Paul that she nominated him for our Traveler Spotlight. She said, “Paul has been a loyal traveler of trustaff for over 10 years now! Paul originally started traveling with Amanda Green, back in 2009, and I somehow got lucky enough to get to take over from there! 😁”

Tell us about YOU! Where are you from? Family? Friends? Pets?

I’m Paul. Greetings from Nashville, my trustaff family!! I currently find myself on assignment working not all that far from where I grew up, near the western part of Tennessee, around 40 miles this side of Memphis. I was born in Memphis (what is beginning to be too many years ago now) where I grew up on a large row crop and cattle production farm.

Farming was the only thing that I ever saw myself doing in life growing up and even on up past getting out of high school. But, as many of you likely know, life is good at throwing us curve balls that we just don’t see coming at times. Such was the case when my father started planting the seed for me to think about enlisting into a branch of the military service to have the opportunity to see some of the country and world. He had done this himself as a young man, before becoming tied down to the demands of a busy farm. Thusly, is how my USAF career began.

While in the Air Force, I was trained as a jet engine specialist and worked on A-10 and F-15 jet engines. I absolutely loved learning all the detailed inner workings of these multi-million-dollar engines and became quite proficient in diagnosing problems. This ended up being a good thing due to the fact that I needed to spend more time in the service of Uncle Sam than originally planned, thanks to the farm crisis of the mid-’80s. I joined the service and our family farm fell victim to it essentially overnight. But, life is all about whether you wish to sip on the sour lemons that life hands us or make us some mighty good lemonade…😉.

Paul meeting with Account Manager Sarah Fraser and Clinical Liaison Katie Mullins in Nashville.

Why did you decide to go into healthcare?

When I returned back to college after I discharged from the Air Force, doing something in healthcare was not the first thing on my mind, to be honest. I originally started work on prerequisites for what I would need for a degree in forestry. I’m not the brightest star in the sky but it did not take me long to figure out that the market was flooded with foresters when I heard that over 300 people had applied for two average forester jobs locally. I knew I needed to rethink things a bit.

The culmination of a lot of thought, prayer, and discussion with some close people to me lead me to the dean of the nursing office. Now, 25 odd years later and after having worked in about every area of nursing and held about every position except that of DON, I feel that I am truly doing what it is that I was placed here to do… to bring comfort and healing to others and help them through likely some of the most difficult times they will ever face.

What prompted you to start traveling?

I had been thinking of possibly traveling for some time before I actually headed off to south Florida on my first assignment. What solidified things in my mind to go ahead and “hit the road,” if you will, was I was tired of the rut I was in with the job that I had, even though it was close and I loved everyone I worked with. But I knew there was so much more to life and living than that. And ohhhh, how right in my thinking was I in that!

What was your first assignment like?

As I alluded to, my first assignment was down to south Florida. It really isn’t that bad of a place to go, especially if you enjoy plenty of sun, surf, warm waters, fishing in all it’s various forms, failing, scuba diving and snorkeling or just swimming, interacting with and meeting wonderful, and beautiful, people, laying out on the beach getting sun on New Year’s Day…..shall I go on or do you get the idea?? 😉

What’s your favorite thing about traveling?

I have given some considerable thought as to what my favorite thing about traveling is… there are several things that I could say here about that but I believe the best way I can tie it all together is to say that I consider myself in having been on a 10 year “working vacation!”

I have been to some of the most desirable places you can wish to go to in the country since that first assignment down to Ft. Lauderdale in March of 2009 (and yes, it was spring break time!!) and you get paid well at the same time to do so!

It is truly a win/win situation when you stop and think about it. Then, when I tire of a place or wish to go on yet another “working vacation” elsewhere, I would just ask my then Recruiter Amanda Green (who got promoted to Account Manager but whom I still love as dearly as any true friend and miss just as dearly because that is how closely she watched out after me as my recruiter) or my current Recruiter Emily Carey (who is just as good and absolutely wonderful and has filled some mighty big shoes in my opinion and left me wondering how I got so lucky having such wonderful recruiters) to find me something around where I have in mind of going next. Before I know it, I am interviewing and heading in that direction.


What is the most challenging part about traveling? How do you overcome it?

The most challenging part for me is probably coming up with what I want to do for housing, especially when I come to a new area I have not been before. Amanda was great at finding places out for me and Emily is just as good as well but the trustaff housing department is second to none and will also go out of their way to do whatever they can to make sure they can find you what you want and that you are somewhere safe and secure.

How many assignments have you taken and where?

As best as I can come up with, I am just now finishing my 40th assignment this week and rolling straight on into my 41st assignment with trustaff. Does that qualify me as a seasoned traveler yet?? 😄

Have been all-around to several points on the coast of Florida, down to the Caribbean on St. Croix, the Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, multiple places in California, and some other places it seems that just aren’t popping into mind at the moment.


What advice would you have for someone who is thinking about starting their travel career?

Hmmm, what advice would I give someone thinking of starting to travel? STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND DO IT!!!!!

Take that first step and make that call to a trustaff recruiter and then…..GO HAVE FUN, and make good money doing it! It truly is a blast, honestly. You will come across some challenges, yes, and you will find yourself outside of your comfort zone… in the beginning. But that is the way of ALL things that are new and different.

But you will not be alone. Very likely you be working alongside fellow trustaff travelers, or at the least, fellow travelers in general. They will help you, I assure you. They have been in your shoes. You also have your recruiter to turn to, but they are only human and may not be reachable when you need them. Ask for whoever is covering for them or for your nurse advocate. Someone will be there to help you. That’s just how trustaff operates!

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