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Frequently Asked Questions

Allied Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how it all works? Below you’ll find the answers to some of our most commonly asked travel topics. Not seeing what you need to know? Connect with a recruiter to speak with someone about your questions, we’re happy to help!

How does becoming an allied traveler work?

Traveling healthcare professionals take their skills and experience on the road and work for a limited amount of time at a specific location. Traveling is not just for nurses—we work with all modalities and specialties including Surgical Techs, Respiratory Therapists, Medical Technologists, Imaging Techs, and much more.

Travel jobs, typically called “assignments,” allow you the flexibility to work in new areas of the country, share new experiences, and earn a great paycheck all while using your clinical training to help patients in need.

Requirements for allied travelers vary by the facility, but typically you should have at least one year of hands-on experience in your area of care. As an allied traveler, you’ll be called on as an expert in your field, so you should be confident in your skills and care.

Most travel jobs are 13 weeks long. However, Trustaff receives openings with a wide range of lengths and can be anywhere from 4-24 weeks. You’ll work directly with your recruiter to find jobs that best fit your needs and your schedule.

Trustaff has relationships with the top facilities in the nation, including top-tier teaching facilities, large-scale hospital systems, independent care facilities, rural and regional medical centers, and even outpatient care centers. Your recruiter will go over the best options for your experience and specialty when you discuss potential job matches.

When you work with Trustaff, you get access to hundreds jobs at facilities all across the United States. We have allied health jobs in all 50 states for all modalities and experience levels. Travel jobs open and close quickly, so your recruiter is your best resource when exploring your options; they’re always in the know on what’s new.

That’s up to you! You can work in the next state or all the way on the other side of the continent. One of the best things about travel nursing is the flexibility for you to decide which jobs you want to take and which adventures you want to try.

Trustaff pays our travelers through a weekly direct deposit. You will be paid weekly for any hours worked the previous week. Please closely follow any timekeeping information provided for your specific assignment.

Absolutely! We love when you send friends and colleagues our way and will reward you with a cash bonus. Bonus amount depends on the referred person’s area of care and is paid once they have worked 30 days at their Trustaff assignment.

Our travelers are eligible for comprehensive employee benefits very similar to what you may expect at a staff position, including major medical coverage, dental, and vision options for you and your family, 401k with employer match, and more.

When considering a new travel assignment, one of the first questions we usually get is, "Where will I stay?"

Trustaff has a department dedicated to assisting our travelers with their travel and housing needs. Whether you want to rent a fully furnished apartment, stay in a nearby hotel, or even bring your home-away-from-home with you to an RV park, there are a wide range of options for every budget and comfort level.

If you prefer to make your own housing arrangements, that's fine too! We simply pay you a housing per diem in your weekly paycheck, which you can then use to offset your housing costs. Housing options vary greatly from assignment to assignment, based on the local area, the cost of living, and any government limitations.

Yes! Many of our allied travelers bring along their furry (and not so furry) friends. Be sure to discuss any special requirements you may have when talking to your recruiter about your needs.

Yes! Our travelers bring along a wide variety of family members, from their spouse to all three generations. One of the best parts of traveling is its flexibility—meaning you get to make the decisions regarding who, when, and where.

Some hit the road together; others travel back and forth on their days off. Be sure to discuss your plans with your recruiter so they can help advise you regarding the area, potential housing options, etc.

Once your allied assignment nears its end, your recruiter will get your feedback on how the experience has been. If you enjoyed your time at that facility, you can ask to extend for another 13 weeks! If you’re ready to move on, your recruiter will line up new assignments for you to consider. Your assignments don’t have to be back-to-back; you’re free to take time off between assignments, vacation, visit home, or spend your time as you please.

Trustaff is one of the largest travel nursing agencies that works with allied health professionals. You will work with an allied specialist recruiter who is experienced in managing subtle the differences between what the average nursing job might require and what a top-level allied position needs.

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