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Salary & Benefits

Travel nursing pay, salary, & bonuses

Trustaff's travel nurses are some of the best compensated in the industry. When you take your skills and experience on the road, not only do you get to expand your knowledge and see the country, you can earn as much as $4,000 a week, or much more when you take a crisis response job.

Traveling nurses and other types of healthcare professionals, like allied travelers, typically earn far more than a staff position. Your individual salary or pay will vary by your specialty, certifications, and experience, as well as the location where you take your assignment.

Don't overlook the full benefits of a Travel Nurse

Your pay—you’re in control

Whether you already have a location in mind or you just want to find a high-paying travel nursing job to pad your piggy bank, one of the best parts of traveling is the flexibility to choose the assignments (and pay) that suit you best.

Your recruiter will negotiate the best compensation package possible, while still ensuring you have the amenities you need. Whatever your priorities, we offer flexible solutions to ensure you're satisfied with your paycheck.

Start by searching our highest-paying jobs or speak to a recruiter today.

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Earn great bonuses

Not only are our travelers well paid, you can also boost your salary with a variety of bonuses. The type, amount, and availability of each bonus depends on your current assignment, so be sure to ask your recruiter when you’re selecting your next location!

If you have a friend, coworker or a family member who wants to learn more about becoming a travelers, send them our way. We love when you recommend Trustaff, and we'll pay a referral bonus for your effort.

You don't even have to be a current Trustaff employee—and there's no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can collect

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Jobs you want—with the benefits you and your family deserve

Not only do we have a huge selection of travel nursing jobs at some of the country’s top facilities, Trustaff travelers also enjoy great employee benefits and one-on-one customer service. Here are just a few of the top-tier benefits you’ll enjoy as a Trustaff traveler:

  • Health insurance options for you and your family, including medical, dental, vision, short/long-term disability coverage, and more

  • 401k profit-sharing plan with employer match

  • Nursing license reimbursement program

  • Career and advocacy tools through our proprietary ACT program

  • Exclusive employee discounts

  • Assistance with housing and travel

  • Personal assistance throughout each step of your assignment

  • 24/7/365 support line

  • Plus, earn great travel nursing bonuses!

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Health insurance & financial planning

Trustaff's travelers have a variety of insurance options to choose from, including medical coverage plans through Anthem. Options include medical, dental, and vision coverage for each employee, as well as any additional family members or dependents you may choose to add to your plan.

All Trustaff employees are eligible to make contributions to a 401(k) savings account upon acceptance of their first assignment, with contributions matched by Trustaff after one year, as well as access to other financial planning services.

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Make the most of your salary

When you work for Trustaff as a travel nurse, you make your living away from the comforts of home. You have two residences to maintain when you travel: your home-away-from-home, where you rest your head after a long shift, and the home where you reside when you're not on the road. The Internal Revenue Service calls your ‘home’ your permanent tax residence.

It can be very costly to maintain two homes while traveling; the IRS recognized this dilemma and created a special plan to assist traveling professionals. People who work away from their tax homes are allowed under special IRS-provided rules to receive reimbursements—in specific amounts that do not exceed government rates—without paying taxes on those reimbursements.

You can be paid tax-free rates if you qualify under the rules outlined by the IRS, which we call our expense reimbursement plan. If you qualify, you are eligible for an overall increase to your weekly "take home" pay. Some restrictions do apply, so be sure to talk to your recruiter for full details about how the expense reimbursement plan works.

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