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Travel CT Tech Jobs

Computed tomography (CT) technologists are vital to the healthcare world. They conduct diagnostic imaging, like CT scans that help medical teams make diagnoses and save lives. If you're a CT tech looking for a new job, come to Trustaff. We'll help you find travel CT technician jobs so you can experience the country while continuing to develop your career. Travel CT tech jobs give you the freedom and flexibility to choose assignments in different states, helping you expand your network and have new experiences.

Learn how to become a travel CT tech and what the job entails when you work with Trustaff.

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How to Become a Travel CT Tech

CT techs must receive proper education and training to perform the tasks they must do at their jobs. The general requirements for becoming a CT tech include:

  • High school graduate or earned your GED

  • Associate's or bachelor's degree in radiologic technology, radiation therapy or nuclear medicine technology

  • American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification

  • 1-2 years' experience in your area of care

To obtain travel CT tech jobs, you'll connect with companies like Trustaff. We'll pair you with jobs that help you make a difference in patients' lives while allowing you to explore the world.

CT Tech Duties and Responsibilities

Your duties as a travel CT tech depend on the protocols at each facility you work at during your career. Overall, the primary responsibilities you may have, regardless of the location, include:

  • Operating medical devices and equipment like CT scanners and monitoring systems

  • Performing scans and X-ray imaging to provide accurate diagnoses

  • Communicating with patients before the exam to explain the process

  • Answering patients' questions and providing information to reduce their anxiety

  • Transporting patients to and from departments

  • Working with physicians to interpret images

  • Updating patients' medical information

Current CT Technician Jobs

Travel CT Tech Salary and Benefits

Employment of CT technicians is estimated to grow 6% between 2022 and 2032. Nationally, travel CT tech salaries average $2,500 per week, with some areas offering up to $4,000 per week, making a traveling career very desirable. The amount of money you make while being a travel CT tech depends on your workplace and the duration of each assignment. With your skillset and flexibility, you increase your potential to earn more money with every travel job you take.

When you become a travel CT tech as a Trustaff traveler, you get to retain the benefits of traditional jobs, like a 401(k) employer match, health insurance, weekly pay and guaranteed weekly hours (per assignment). You can also take advantage of our Ingenovis Health ACT program. We ensure you can access the best assignments based on the specific location you want to visit or the income you desire.

Why Become a Trustaff Traveler?

We want our employees to feel encouraged and connected, which is why we foster community among our team members, no matter where you are. Join our conversations on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or X, formerly known as Twitter, to get to know travel nurses just like you. We also provide education opportunities to further your career knowledge, professional skillset and personal wellness. Check out our Ingenovis Health ACT program for additional resources.

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