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Travel Echo Tech Jobs

When physicians need images of a patient's heart, it's the echo technician's job to provide them. Echo technicians use noninvasive technology to take the images, which doctors use to help diagnose illnesses, disorders or diseases. If you're working as an echo tech but want more flexibility and freedom to travel, consider travel echo tech jobs. Trustaff will help you find the ones most suitable for the lifestyle you want.

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Travel Echo Tech Qualifications

Becoming an echo tech requires you to continue your education after high school. Attending various classes and programs is necessary to gain all the vital knowledge needed to operate medical equipment properly and distinguish any abnormalities that may appear in the images. To be an echo tech, you must:

  • Earn an associate or bachelor's degree in cardiovascular technology

  • Pass a medical sonography program accredited by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) to obtain certification

  • Complete continued learning units to maintain your certification

You may also need to get a license to work because some states require echo techs to have one before they can practice there.

Traveling Echo Tech Duties and Responsibilities

As a travel echo tech, you perform and have similar duties and responsibilities regardless of the facility you're working at. Each location may have different protocols or policies, but standard tasks you'll do during your job include:

  • Reviewing patients' medical history and records

  • Educating patients and their families about the procedure

  • Preparing equipment and patients for imaging

  • Performing the imaging tests and echocardiograms

  • Analyzing the results and preparing a summary for the doctor

If you have the experience, you may also help the physicians you're working with complete more complex ultrasounds. Obtaining additional certificates to further your professional education may increase your chances of having more duties when working at different facilities, as well.

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Travel Echo Tech Benefits and Salary

Taking on different traveling echo tech jobs provides you with multiple benefits beyond the ones that typically come with these positions. You can gain a new perspective on life and meet many new people, from patients and physicians to other medical staff and locals. While growing your professional career, you may also develop friendships with the people you meet along the way.

Many assignments occur over a set of weeks and provide pay on a weekly basis. The average travel echo tech salary is about $2,300 per week in the U.S. With Trustaff, you can access many high-paying assignments nationwide and enjoy various benefits through our company and Ingenovis Health ACT program, like:

  • Guaranteed hours per assignment

  • Weekly pay

  • Health insurance plans

  • 401(k) with employer match

  • Continuing education assistance

  • Licensure reimbursement

  • Travel assistance

Why Become a Trustaff Traveler?

We want our employees to feel encouraged and connected, which is why we foster community among our team members, no matter where you are. Join our conversations on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or X, formerly known as Twitter, to get to know travel nurses just like you. We also provide education opportunities to further your career knowledge, professional skillset and personal wellness. Check out our Ingenovis Health ACT program for additional resources.

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