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May & June 2023 Extension Contest

Blog/May & June 2023 Extension Contest

July 15, 2023

We were so excited about offering this incentive here at Trustaff! During the months of May and June, we held a special raffle exclusively for travelers who sign an extension during the month of June. Each traveler who signed an extension of their Trustaff assignments in the months of May or June were entered into a raffle with a grand prize of a brand-new MacBook Pro.

There are numerous perks to extending an assignment rather than moving to a new places after your 13 weeks are complete. The biggest perk? Familiarity! You just spend 13 weeks at your facility so you are already accustomed to parking, scrub colors, where certain closets are on your floor and so much more.

Extending your assignments also means you don't have to up and move to a new place either. Finding housing on assignments can sometimes be a headache depending on where you're going so why not extend and stay in your current housing for 13 more weeks?

The HR pieces are a big perk as well. No more skills checklists, interviews with managers or facilities and your health benefits will stay live and ready when you may need them.

Many of our Trustaff travelers extend their assignments for many reasons and we were glad to be able to offer an extra perk if they extended in their assignments in May or June.

Congrats to our May winner, Andrey Y. and our June winner La Trice P. who will be receiving brand new MacBook Pros just for extending their Trustaff assignments in May and June.

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