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Summer 2023's Hottest States for Travel Healthcare

Blog/Summer 2023's Hottest States for Travel Healthcare

June 3, 2023

Summer is almost here! Whether you’re a healthcare professional or not, summer is all about traveling. The beauty of travel nursing is you get to travel while you work – making it the best of both worlds. If you haven’t decided where to head for your next assignment, maybe consider Ohio or California. Whether you like hiking, national parks, hot attractions, the beach, or secluded wooded cabins, the perfect summer assignment is waiting.

Check out these hot spots that should be topping your summer locations to consider this year:


There’s nothing that yells summer assignment more than the great state of California. It’s got the best of almost everything - beaches galore, numerous national parks for exploring, amazing city views, tons of hiking destinations and much more. And with a state this big, the weather is amazing! Craving sun-drenched beach days? Southern California beckons with its radiant warmth. Seeking a more temperate and gentle summer climate? The ethereal beauty of northern California awaits, ready to embrace you with its tranquil charm.

The biggest selling points to travel to California are its destinations and weather, but as a healthcare professional, it has so much more to offer. California has a legislature for state-mandated patient ratios. While not only does this protects your license, but it also provides a more comfortable workload. Knowing your ratios and breaks will be mandated can be a particularly appealing offer for travel nurses.


There’s almost nothing better than a great state in the Midwest. We may be a little biased here as Ohio is the home of Trustaff, but we can tell you it’s got tons to offer for healthcare professionals. With so many facilities and hospital systems in the state, Ohio has an almost endless number of jobs available for nurses and healthcare professionals of all specialties and modalities. Oh — and don’t forget Ohio is now a compact state!

Discover a world of adventure and excitement during your days off in Ohio. This vibrant state offers a multitude of activities to satisfy your adventurous spirit. Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of our beloved sports culture, where baseball and soccer games abound in various cities across the state, providing endless opportunities for thrilling spectacles. Ohio is also home to several renowned state parks, including the breathtaking Hocking Hills and Hueston Woods conveniently located near Columbus and Cincinnati. These natural wonders invite you to indulge in camping escapades, scenic hikes, invigorating bike rides, and immersive wildlife exploration.

California and Ohio are hot destinations for travelers to mark off their destination lists with raving reviews of both. With tons of jobs in both states (Trustaff has hundreds of openings for all specialties and modalities in both), we know you’d love your time there to both travel and elevate your healthcare experience in California or Ohio.

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