#trustaffTraveler Spotlight: Judy C.

We’d like to introduce you to Judy. She’s been with trustaff for several assignments and has earned the admiration of her coworkers.

Her recruiter nominated her for this week’s spotlight to show their appreciation for all she does. She has an incredible story and has continued to keep a positive attitude throughout her journey. Read on to learn more about some of her experiences on the road!

Tell us about YOU! Where are you from? Family? Friends? Pets?

Hi I’m Judy. 👋 I’m from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I have 6 kids from ages 19 to 39 and 3 grandkids and 2 small useless but adorable dogs.


Why did you decide to go into healthcare?

My 5-year old son had leukemia and it was the nurses who made everything okay for us. They taught us, laughed and cried with us, and helped us every step of the way. I wanted to do that for other families, so at 35 I went back to school for nursing.

What prompted you to start traveling?

I was frustrated and burned out. I was teaching nursing school during the week and working nights at the hospital on weekends. A trustaff ad crossed my computer screen, so I googled it, checked the reviews (and pay $$$!), and 2 weeks later I was headed out for my first assignment!

What was your first assignment like?

Wonderful! I went to a small hospital that had just put a few million into re-doing their birth center and it was beautiful. The staff and the other travelers became like family—and still are, even though that was 3 assignments ago!


What’s your favorite thing about traveling?

I thought it would be money, but it’s not. Seeing new places is awesome. Maybe that there’s a lot fewer politics? Yes, but the real joy is the people you meet.

What is the most challenging part about traveling? How do you overcome it?

The long drives by myself sometimes make me tired or lonely. I listen to Audible books or programs on Sirius, and sometimes I just sing my head off. I can’t feel too bad when I’m singing! Thank goodness no one else is in the car.

How many assignments have you taken and where?

Watertown, Lake Geneva, and New London, Wisconsin and Payson, Arizona. I extended at some of them.


What advice would you have for someone who is thinking about starting their travel career?

Just do it! Travel nursing gives you freedom. Build your planned time off into your contract. Build up a nice savings account with the higher pay. Build a whole set of new friends, and build your skills as you learn from different nurses and facilities.

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