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PACU Travel Nurse Jobs

Post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) nurses are vital to ensuring patients who have just gotten out of surgery recover from the effects of anesthesia. Besides monitoring for the after-effects of sedation, PACU nurses keep the medical team updated with the patient's progress and any changes during recovery. As one of these nurses, your job ensures patients receive the care they need as they recover from surgery.

Do you want to continue your profession as a PACU nurse but would love to travel and experience new parts of the country? Trustaff is here to help you find the best PACU travel nurse jobs that let you work while exploring.

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How to Become a PACU Travel Nurse

To become a PACU travel nurse, you must first receive the proper education and training to be a registered nurse (RN). Once you have experience as an RN, you can work toward becoming a PACU nurse. The timeline for your journey includes:

  • Earning your associate or bachelor's degree in nursing

  • Passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN)

  • Building experience as an RN and gaining at least 1,800 hours of relevant anesthesia experience before qualifying for PACU

  • Becoming certified as a post-anesthesia nurse (CPAN)

You'll also have to complete continuing education courses to maintain your nursing license, which benefits you by making you more competitive in the industry. To become a traveler, you'll need 1-2 years of active PACU RN experience under your belt and you must get a nursing license in any new state you choose to work in.

PACU Nurse Duties and Responsibilities

PACU nurses have the job of monitoring patients diligently after surgery and watching for any complications they may experience as they come out of anesthesia. These health care workers have many duties and can be responsible for multiple patients at a time. Some of the responsibilities you'll have as a PACU nurse, regardless of the location, include:

  • Monitoring post-operative patients

  • Tracking patients' vital signs

  • Observing patients for signs of complications while coming out of sedation

  • Treating patients for nausea, pain or other symptoms they're experiencing

  • Administering pain medication, if needed

  • Communicating with the patient and their family about their condition and care instructions

Current PACU Nurse Jobs

PACU RN Salary and Benefits

The average travel PACU RN salary is about $2,340 per week in the United States. The total income you receive while working different jobs depends on where you work and the duration of each assignment. Becoming a travel PACU RN with Trustaff ensures you receive weekly pay and have guaranteed weekly hours. We also provide other benefits through our company and Ingenovis Health ACT program, including but not limited to:

  • 401(k) with employer match

  • Health insurance options

  • Continuing education assistance

  • Licensure reimbursement

Why Become a Trustaff Traveler?

We want our employees to feel encouraged and connected, which is why we foster community among our team members, no matter where you are. Join our conversations on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or X, formerly known as Twitter, to get to know travel nurses just like you. We also provide education opportunities to further your career knowledge, professional skillset and personal wellness. Check out our Ingenovis Health ACT program for additional resources.

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