Travel Nurse Jobs in San Pedro, California

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Are you a professional in the Travel Nurse field and want a travel job in San Pedro, California area? If so, trustaff can connect you with jobs that are a great fit. We'd love to help you find the travel health placement that would offer you the flexibility to work in San Pedro, California - wherever you'd like and on the rotation of your choice. Experience San Pedro and get a chance to explore beautiful California on your time off.

Job IDJob TitleLength of JobCityShiftEst. Weekly Pay
446778OR RN13 WeeksSan Pedro, CA8 HR Days$2,400.00APPLY NOW
448124MS RN13 WeeksSan Pedro, CA12 HR AM$1,836.00APPLY NOW
451751MS RN13 WeeksSan Pedro, CA12 HR AM$1,836.00APPLY NOW
443146Pediatrics RN13 WeeksSan Pedro, CA8 HR Days$1,760.00APPLY NOW
451752MS RN13 WeeksSan Pedro, CA12 HR AM$1,620.00APPLY NOW
444856MS RN13 WeeksSan Pedro, CA12 HR AM$1,512.00APPLY NOW

Travel Nurse and Allied Health Jobs in San Pedro, California

Secure a great Travel Nurse job in the lovely state of California. Nicknamed The Golden State, California is known for Hollywood, San Francisco, some of the best National Parks in the country and incredible natural beauty. Home to world-class hospitals such as UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco and Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, California ensures you'll be working among some of the best healthcare professionals in the country.  And its stunning natural beauty including treasures like Yosemite, the Sierra Nevadas, Big Sur, and Death Valley provide natural beauty to make your work feel like a vacation in itself.

The Travel Nurse will likely have direct contact with patients in a clinical setting. Most professionals will work at larger clinics or hospitals, but some may find jobs in doctor's offices, medical labs or similar facilities. Requirements may include taking direction well, interacting with patients compassionately, and working effectively as part of a medical team. Typical placements are shift-based and paid by the hour.

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For over fifteen years, trustaff has helped talented professionals like you take their careers to the next level. At trustaff, we specialize in matching skilled healthcare professionals like you with high-paying travel jobs at the best facilities across the country. With great pay, outstanding benefits, and dedicated personal support, our travelers trust trustaff to accelerate their careers again and again. 

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