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Interested in travel nursing jobs as a professional OB/GYN RN in the US? trustaff connects health employers to qualified professionals every day. We are looking for experienced, caring OB/GYN RN nursing to fill jobs throughout the country. Experience a new locale and get a chance to explore other nearby areas on your time off.

Job IDJob TitleLength of JobCityShiftEst. Weekly Pay
384648OB/GYN RN13 WeeksBoston, MA8 HR Days$2,080.40APPLY NOW
391566OB/GYN RN13 WeeksPottsville, PA12 HR$1,836.00APPLY NOW
373228OB/GYN RN13 WeeksDevils Lake, ND12 HR Rotate$1,728.00APPLY NOW
382588OB/GYN RN13 WeeksOverland Park, KS12 HR PM$1,728.00APPLY NOW
389668OB/GYN RN13 WeeksPecos, TX12 HR$1,620.00APPLY NOW
392203OB/GYN RN13 WeeksDanville, IL12 HR PM$1,584.00APPLY NOW

The Obstetrics / Gynecology Nurse (OB-GYN RN) will assist physicians in the care of pregnant women, including both prenatal care and the delivery of babies. The OB-GYN RN will work with women with reproductive cancers, hormone disorders, and other obstetrical and gynological problems.

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