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Travel Nurse Job in Florida

Travel nursing is an exciting opportunity, whether you're an experienced registered nurse looking for a change of pace or just looking to improve your career. Travel nurse jobs tend to pay more than staff jobs and offer the unique opportunity to see the country before you settle down.

With so many Florida travel nursing jobs out there, finding the perfect assignment can feel intimidating. Whether you want to work in the labor and delivery unit, the oncology wing, or something completely different, trustaff is here to find you the ideal travel nurse assignment for your skills and experience.

Job IDJob TitleLength of JobCityShiftEst. Weekly Pay
663729Emergency RN13 WeeksWinter Park, FL12 HR PM$3,120.00APPLY NOW
663731Emergency RN13 WeeksWinter Park, FL12 HR PM$3,120.00APPLY NOW
664717Emergency RN13 WeeksDavenport, FL12 HR PM$3,120.00APPLY NOW
667675PICU RN13 WeeksOrlando, FL12 HR PM$3,120.00APPLY NOW
669754Cath Lab RN12 WeeksFort Lauderdale, FL12 HR AM$3,060.00APPLY NOW
663653Stepdown RN8 WeeksWinter Park, FL12 HR PM$2,976.00APPLY NOW

What Makes Florida Great for Travel Nurses?

Florida isn't known as the Sunshine State for nothing. It boasts some of the country's warmest weather. If you're looking to escape bitterly cold winters, a travel nursing job in Florida will warm you up, inside and out.

The state also has plenty of excellent opportunities to allow a registered nurse to enhance their career. Florida is home to several of the largest hospitals in the country and many world-renowned medical and research schools. If you want to take your career to the next level, a travel nursing job in one of these facilities would be a significant first step.

The Sunshine State is also a magnet for the elderly who want to spend their last years enjoying the sun and surf in a like-minded community, which is why the state is home to many award-winning nursing centers. The need for nurses means that plenty of travel nursing jobs are available, and you'll be more than well-compensated for your efforts.

As with any travel nursing assignment, your pay will vary depending on your specialty, location, and the season. Travel nurse assignments typically pay better during the winter months, and you'll receive higher compensation in the major cities. Your recruiter will discuss these options with you to help determine the best plan for your assignment. Jobs for surgical techs, respiratory therapists, and other healthcare professions are also plentiful.

The above-average pay, fantastic climate, and travel nursing benefits make nursing jobs in Florida appealing to many an RN. If you're looking for a travel nurse job, Florida is one of the best places to start your search.

Experience Florida

If you choose a Florida travel nurse job, you'll have plenty of time to explore your surroundings during your time off. From untouched beaches to the best theme parks in the world, Florida has something for everyone.

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are the premier destination for people who want to visit the tropics without leaving the United States. Most people focus their journey through the Florida Keys on Key West, which offers plenty to do in the city itself. You can hire charters and tours, participate in water activities, or just soak in the sun with a tropical drink in your hand.


Miami is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, and it's also an excellent place for Florida travel nursing jobs. After you've finished partying at South Beach, you can get a dose of history by visiting the Monastery Cloister in North Miami Beach. The music, food, and fun in Miami are truly legendary.

Since Miami is the largest city in Florida, it's also home to many travel nursing jobs. Luckily, it also has plenty of world-class amenities to make your stay in Florida as pleasant as possible.


If you associate Orlando, FL, with theme parks and Disney, you're right on target. It's home to the 40-square-mile Disney World, which often offers nursing jobs in Florida.

If you're not an amusement park fan, the city does have more to it than just theme parks. It's also home to the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens and the historic Bok Tower Gardens, both ideal spaces for rejuvenating and unwinding, and a bustling downtown district.


The Everglades is the largest unspoiled subtropical wilderness left in the United States. The iconic mangrove swamp is seething with life, from alligators to manatees and even the Florida panther. Even if you're not a fan of outdoor activities, an airboat tour of the Everglades is a must.

Why Choose trustaff?

As a registered nurse, you deserve to work with a nursing agency that puts your needs first. Finding nursing jobs in Florida may be simple, but we focus our search on opportunities that will let you grow and develop as an RN and then follow through on our promises to deliver you the best assignment possible.

At trustaff, we also make arrangements regarding housing, transport, and benefits so that you can focus on doing a terrific job without added stress. With almost 20 years in business, we are Joint Commission accredited and a member of the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO), which means you can trust that you'll be compensated fairly and professionally, leaving you with plenty to enjoy everything Florida offers.

If you're interested in a change of pace and jobs in Florida, please contact us for a free consultation on how we can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

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