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Travel Nurse Jobs in Georgia

Being an RN means that you can pick and choose the best locations in the United States. If you're looking for your next travel assignment, why not give Georgia a look? Whether you're looking to explore the state or want more experience as a registered nurse, Georgia has lots of opportunities in many different facets of the healthcare industry.

Why Nurses Love Working in Georgia

Georgia has plenty of different jobs in the health field, ranging from Cath Lab RN to ICU RN and everything in between. The assignments cater to various experience levels, which means that you can use your contract as a great way to gain added knowledge in the field.

Georgia is full of excitement for a travel RN, including historical hot spots, a buzzing nightlife and culinary scene in Atlanta, GA, and plenty of natural beauty to help you relax after a hard shift at the hospital.

Whether you want to experience the modern buzz of Atlanta, Georgia or have a more sedate travel nurse (RN) job in the historic city of Savannah, you'll find lots of opportunities for a nurse with an RN license.

When it comes to your pay package, the average nurse's pay is close to the median rate for the U.S. The pay package is higher in large metropolitan areas like Atlanta, GA, and the pay increases along with your experience. The more experience you have as an RN, especially in areas like Med/Surg and Home Health, the better the compensation.

Job IDJob TitleLength of JobCityShiftEst. Weekly Pay
658014Stepdown RN12 WeeksCalhoun, GA12 HR PM$2,976.00APPLY NOW
664569Stepdown RN13 WeeksCalhoun, GA12 HR AM$2,976.00APPLY NOW
664723MS/TELE RN13 WeeksCalhoun, GA12 HR PM$2,736.00APPLY NOW
664724MS/TELE RN13 WeeksCalhoun, GA12 HR PM$2,736.00APPLY NOW
619053Interventional Radiology13 WeeksAtlanta, GA10 hr days$2,720.00APPLY NOW
650820Stepdown RN13 WeeksAtlanta, GA12 HR AM$2,448.00APPLY NOW

Why Georgia Is a Great Place to Work as an RN

One of GA's most appealing aspects is the amazing weather, which remains warm throughout the year. If you've done travel nursing in the North before, you'll appreciate the ability to enjoy comfortable weather for most of the year in GA. The state also has a relatively low cost of living.

Georgia travel is a hidden gem to visitors from other regions of the country. Atlanta, GA is perfectly situated as a starting point to explore the rest of the state, and there's something for all travelers to enjoy. Whether you love spending time in cities or exploring the natural landscape, you're sure to find something that will make your time as an RN in Georgia memorable.

Atlanta, GA, is home to some of the best hospitals in the country, including the Emory University Hospital. If you're looking to accelerate your career as a registered nurse, working at these prestigious hospitals will only enhance your resume.

Things to Do in Georgia

As a travel nurse in GA, you'll probably spend most of your time in the cities. Luckily, there's plenty to do in Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, and Savannah to give you a break from your travel nursing job. Each city has its own vibe, and you may decide to take on several travel nursing jobs in Georgia to experience it all.

Atlanta, Georgia, has the best cultural scene, including the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the country's largest drive-in, and a rich music scene. You can also take a break from hospital work by trying out local restaurants and pubs, where you can socialize with a fellow RN or catch up with the Atlanta, GA locals.

If Atlanta, Georgia isn't for you, Savannah is one of the most historic cities in Georgia. It also offers plenty of home health travel nursing jobs for a dedicated RN. The city contains plenty of scenic walking trails and a historic district packed to the brim with southern charm.

Not many travelers consider Augusta, GA when looking for their next travel nurse (RN) contract. Still, the city offers plenty of options for an RN, including Med/Surg, Cath Lab, and ICU positions if you want to flesh out your travel nursing resume. In your free time, you can watch the Master's Golf tournament at the famed Augusta National Golf Club.

No matter what travel position you choose, GA has everything a nurse could want from an RN job: excellent climate, lots of jobs for a registered nurse, and an appealing pay package that will leave you with enough time to get away from the hospital and explore the state.

Why Travel Nurses Choose trustaff

Securing the ideal RN travel position can be tricky, especially if you're new to travel nursing jobs. If your dream position is a Medical/Surgical RN job in Atlanta, Georgia, you may be disappointed to only get jobs somewhere else.

trustaff aims to pair each registered nurse with their dream travel nursing jobs in Georgia and throughout the U.S. We operate with complete transparency and do our best to pair the right travel nurse to the right job description. Our standard contract includes a pay package that works on a per-week basis and pays per hour.

If the idea of being a travel nurse (RN) and exploring the wonderful state of GA sounds right up your alley, take a look at our RN job details. We offer some of the most competitive RN pay package deals in the health industry with excellent benefits like paid time off.

No matter your specialty or professional level as a registered nurse, we will have an RN job description that's perfect for you. If you've ever wanted to explore the magic of Atlanta, GA, while still advancing your health career as an RN, get in touch with trustaff today!

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