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Travel Nursing Jobs in Pennsylvania

If you're a registered nurse looking for a change in your life, have you considered travel nursing? Working short-term nursing jobs with trustaff allows you the flexibility to move around from state to state. It can provide the perfect opportunity to advance your career and specialize in a field you love, all while getting to see the best locations America has to offer.

The state of Pennsylvania is an attractive destination for many travel nurses due to its rich history and welcoming communities. Pennsylvania travel nursing jobs will give you enough time to embrace our founding fathers and their cultural heritage, enjoy an array of geographical features and natural sites, and work in some of the country's best medical facilities.

Why Nurses Love Working in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is very attractive for an RN since it offers a high quality of living and very competitive salaries. Both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, cities with big personalities on opposite ends of Pennsylvania, are well-known for offering competitive RN salaries.

You'll also find many opportunities to provide service to fascinating multicultural communities and to advance your clinical skills. And Philadelphia and Eastern PA are just stone's throw from New York, if you crave the bright lights of the Big Apple!

As the COVID epidemic continues, Pennsylvania travel nursing jobs are increasing in demand. If you want to work in the medical-surgical field, be sure to get in touch with a trustaff recruiter and find out about travel nursing jobs in Pennsylvania.

Job IDJob TitleLength of JobCityShiftEst. Weekly Pay
843188ICU/CCU RN13 WeeksPhiladelphia, PA12 HR PM$4,512.00APPLY NOW
813238Emergency RN13 WeeksPhiladelphia, PA8 HR Evenings$4,280.00APPLY NOW
804296OR RN13 WeeksSayre, PA10 HR Days$4,120.00APPLY NOW
804308OR RN13 WeeksSayre, PA10 HR Days$4,120.00APPLY NOW
671962MS RN13 WeeksAllentown, PA12 HR PM$4,104.00APPLY NOW
710544MS/TELE RN13 WeeksCamp Hill, PA12 HR PM$4,104.00APPLY NOW