ER Nurse Salary

ER Nurse Salary

The Emergency Room can be one of the most hectic sections of the hospital and ER nurses are well-compensated for their skills. The median ER nurse salary nationwide is $72,000, but can even be higher depending on the state, level of education, and your years of experience. Basic skills needed to succeed in the ER are attention to detail, taking initiative, working as a team, and active problem solving. If you think this describes you and you want to make an ER nurse salary of $72,000 a year (who wouldn't?!), then fill out the form below to learn more about what ER RN jobs are currently available.

Staff Nurse Advantages

Being a staff nurse comes with several advantages. One of those is the stability and structure of staying with the same hospital in comparison to traveling around to several hospitals as a travel nurse. Getting to lay down roots near family and friends can be a welcome opportunity.

Travel Nurse Opportunities

Ever heard the phrase, 'Learn on someone else's dime?' What if you could try out a new hospital before working there full time? Or try out living in a new city before you commit to buying a home there? Many nurses use travel nursing as an opportunity to try out living in different areas of the country without the commitment of living there permanently.

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