How Much Do Nurses Make An Hour

How Much Do Nurses Make An Hour

Like most jobs, how much a nurses makes an hour varies based on the location, their level of experience/education, and what specialty the nurse works in. However, the national average of how much nurses make an hour is currently $32.66. This is the median hourly pay-salaries can range anywhere from $21-$45 per hour or more. Knowing your worth and gaining the skills and training to market yourself better can help you get a higher RN salary. Once you meet the qualifications, becoming a travel nurse is a great way to instantly increase your hourly pay. Travel nurses provide temporary staffing coverage and make on average 30% more than staff nurses. For over 15 years, trustaff has helped place nurses in high-paying jobs all across the country. We make the process easy and give you tools and tips to better negotiate a higher salary. Fill out the form below to be contacted by one of our seasoned career experts.

Should I be a Travel Nurse?

That you like higher pay, uninterrupted time off, traveling the country, and experiencing new things? Travel nursing is a great way to see new cities, meet new staff, and gain valuable experience working in diverse environments, all for higher pay.

Travel Nurse Hours

Travel nurses are typically guaranteed a set number of shifts per week, though there is always the opportunity to pick up more hours. Which shift you will work should be listed on the initial job opening, whether the hospital needs 12 hour night shift coverage, 8 hour day shift coverage, or any other combination. Rotating shifts, though less common than a set schedule of day shifts or night shifts, are sometimes requested by the facility. Since travel nurses are hired to help with staffing shortages, your schedule may change based on what the hospital needs most, or you may be asked to float to different units for certain shifts. A float shift will always be within a related specialty area where you'll feel comfortable providing patient care.

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trustaff is an award-winning travel nursing agency that matches nurses of all different specialties with top-paying travel jobs all across the country. With over 18 years of experience serving nurses and other healthcare professionals, trustaff is ready to help you take your career (and your paycheck) to the next level. Talk to a recruiter today!

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