How Much Do RNs Make

How Much Do RNs Make

According to the Department of Labor, RNs make around $65,000/year based on national averages, or around $34.00 per hour. However when considering how much RNs make, many factors come into play like the area of specialty, level of education, years of experience, and of course, the cost of living in that area. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) typically make less than their Registered Nurse counterparts, and Nurse Practitioners typically make much more. Interested in learning more about how much do RNs make? You're in the right place.

Tax-Free Incentives for Travel Nurses

One of the best advantages of traveling is the tax-free incentives for travel nurses. When you become a travel nurse, you travel away from your home and work at a facility in a different city. The United States government recognizes the challenges that come along with duplicating your expenses, and has created a special tax-free incentive plan for professionals who qualify. People who travel for business are allowed under special IRS-provided rules to receive reimbursements-in specific amounts that do not exceed government rates-without paying taxes on that portion of your income.

Travel Nurse Jobs

The travel nurse agency is responsible for finding jobs for their travel nurses that meet their skill set, education requirements, goals, and specialty. Because travel nurses are in such high demand, the staffing agency may also offer benefits like assistance with housing and travel arrangements. Typical travel nurse jobs last 3-6 months, though the exact number of weeks varies. The nurse may be offered the opportunity to extend their travel nurse job at a particular facility if things are going well.

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