ICU Nurse Salary

ICU Nurse Salary

The ICU provides critical care to patients in their most serious times of need and the ICU nurse salary reflects the high level of attention and skill required. The average ICU nurse salary is $30 per hour and can even be higher depending on the state and whether or not you are open to traveling. Basic skills needed to succeed as an ICU nurse are a great attention to detail, desire to learn, ability to think and act quickly, and great communication skills. If you think this describes you and you want to make $30 per hour as an ICU nurse (who wouldn't?), then fill out the form below to learn more about our current ICU RN job openings.

Travel Nurse Experience

Travel nurses gain valuable experience by traveling around to different hospitals and learning new systems, new practices, and even regional illnesses and disorders. They become valuable assets to any team they join and are often specialized in a wide variety of fields due to their diverse experience gained by traveling around the country. Part of the travel nurse experience is seeing new things, growing your skills, and expanding your horizons.

Tax-Free Stipends for Travel Nurses

One of the best advantages of traveling is the tax-free incentives for travel nurses. When you become a travel nurse, you travel away from your home and work at a facility in a different city. The United States government recognizes the challenges that come along with duplicating your expenses, and has created a special tax-free incentive plan for professionals who qualify. Tax-free stipends could come in the form of assisting with travel/moving expenses, subsidizing housing costs, or providing meals and/or transportation in the specific area.

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