NICU Nurse Salary

NICU Nurse Salary

The NICU is one of the most specialized areas of care in the hospital and the average NICU nurse salary reflects that high level of skill. The average national NICU nurse salary is $60,000. This can be even higher depending on the state, your certifications, and whether or not you are open to traveling. Basic skills needed to succeed as a NICU nurse include: attention to detail, taking initiative, working as a team, and active problem solving. If you think this describes you and you want to make $60,000 (or more) as a NICU RN, then fill out the form below to see what NICU jobs are currently available.

Staff Nurse Experience

It takes more than 10,000 hours to become an 'expert' in most fields. Staff nurses truly become experts in their local medical services after working at the same hospital for several years. They develop lasting relationships with their doctors and coworkers, and even with some of their patients. Compared to travel nurses, who move to a new location every 3-4 months, staff nurses become intimately familiar with the ins and outs of their home facility.

NICU Travel Nurse Requirements

To become a travel nurse, you'll need to meet some basic requirements. First, you'll need to be a Registered Nurse with an active license in your home state. Second, you'll need 1-2 years of experience working as a NICU nurse and all the appropriate certifications. When considering a particular job, working with a similar number of licensed beds, previously working within a specified hospital system, or using specific computer charting systems and procedures are all helpful to include on your application.

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